Paul is Dead??

Everyone's heard about all the Paul is dead rumors. Well, could it be that all those clues were misinterpreted? ...That actually Paul is the only one who survived? ...Hmm, let's check and see. Chris Fishel is the first-rate detective who put the pieces together and posted them to

And recently, more clues have been uncovered. I'm beginning to suspect all the governments of the world are behind this. You doubt that there's an evil plot at hand?? Ha. Well, just read this. And in the Czech Republic, still more clues have been unearthed. Who knows how many other clues are out there waiting to be found. There might even be a UFO connection... You never know. But closer to home, a recent clue has been discovered.

Just when you thought the clues had slowed to a trickle, well golly gee willickers, would ya look at this!

(I hope I don't really need to say this, but add lots of :-) faces.)

It seems my little comment in parentheses above has gone unnoticed. And so, yes, I'm sorry to say that there are doubters in our midst...

So, you want deeper meaning than the above? Well, didja ever think maybe a few tabs of acid were behind it all??

Now that the year 2000 is here, the latest unveiling of the conspiracy can be unveiled!! And in a reverse theory, "proof" that John is alive!

By the way, take a look at a genuine investigation of the entire Paul Is Dead rumor.

Mike Markowski