And Even More

And Even More Clues...

Ron Synovitz, in his own investigations, uncovers -- yes, it's true -- even more clues in this conspiracy.

[Editorial comment: this could be considered by some to be in bad taste. If you're sensitive to dark humor, go back now... I don't want to take it upon myself to decide what's good or bad.]

On Double Fantasy, supposedly recorded when Lennon was still alive, Yoko Ono herself admits that it was she who shot John Lennon. You can hear it for yourself just after the hit "Starting Over" and before the song "Kiss Kiss Kiss." You'll hear Yoko mumble some jibberish between the cuts. When played backwards, she clearly says "I SHOT ZHON LENNEN." (or perhaps "EYE GOT FIVE PENNIES," which would be an obvious reference to Zhon's successful declarations against the Taxman) Anyway, if that's not evidence enough, the context of the comments adds more weight to the evidence. The chorus of Kiss Kiss Kiss, backwards, becomes "AhhhHhhhh little SIX SIX. We'll he's SIX SIX SIX SICK. AhhhhHhhhhh... Well he's SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT." Next we hear Yoko's confession of pulling the trigger, or the pennies. Then, in reverse, comes the last vocal strains by the replacement John singing Starting Over. When heard in backwards, these "oooooos" become an ambulance siren, and the drum beat clearly represents a heart beat which ends, chillingly and abruptly at the coda break. I first discovered this evidence within days of the Double Fantasy release, and before the Dec. 8 shooting. I even wrote an article about it for my campus newspaper at the time. But it was refused -- more evidence of the international conspiracy to cover up the death of the real John Lennon years earlier.

By the way, you haven't addressed the strongest "Paul is dead" clue of all, that of placing the edge of a frameless mirror horizontally across the center of the Sgt Pepper drum on the cover. Do it so that the word "HEARTS" is cut in half horizontally with the top half of the word reflected into the mirror. You'll see that the drum now says "HE DIE" with the A becoming a diamond that points directly to Paul. This would lend damning support to the theory that, in fact, ALL of the beatles have been dead for ages, honestly!!! "NO ONE WAS SAVED!!!" (Or maybe that diamond actually means that the Lennon singing "Lucy in the Sky" is the one that died? Wait a minute, I'm confused.)

Last modified: November 30, 1995