And Even More

And the Clues Keep A-Comin'...

Paul Johnson has unearthed an incredible amount of clues:

1.On the back cover of Abbey Road,on the left of The Beatles white and black sign there are five circles.These circles are meant to mean The Beatles(exlude alive fake ones)and four of the five are in the sun light. The ones in the sun meant that the four dead Beatles(John,George Ringo, Ringo#2) are the ones away from Paul.Paul is in the shade because he is happy to be alive.

2.On the Sgt.Pepper album. There is a four armed Indian doll. one of her arms is pointing to the real Paul. Her left arm is pointing to John George and Ringo but the fake ones,meaning that ones who are alive are the three fake Beatles and the real Paul.

3.The hands above Paul's head,in Revolver and Sgt.Pepper are hands about to pat him on the back because he did a good job at living.

4.On MMT John is in a black walrus costume but in Glass Onion he says the walrus was Paul so it is Paul in the Walrus Costume.The Walrus costume is black that means two things he is morning for his lost buddies and it is a different color for the other three cause now he is different then them all.

5.In Help Paul is wearing a different style jacket because he is different now.

6.In Revolver there is a picture of Paul in the top left,it looks like Paul is screaming or crying, because his friends are gone and he is all alone.

7.In Yellow Submarine John has three fingers pointing up above Paul's head meaning two things three of his friends have gone up and they hang over his head.

8.On the front cover of Yellow Submarine. There are a lot of the people from the movie and they are all pointing to the three dead Beatles. A couple of them are pointing up, like a man in green but the interesting about that man is he is pointing at the Beatles with three fingers so this means that the three Beatles went up .BUT knowing this was a big clue they had to cover it up. so Capitol covered it up by puting "Nothing Is Real" to make it a fake clue. but the original record does not have nothing is real on the cover.

9.On the back cover of Hard Days Night(United Artist version)Ringo is pointing up at george with his eyes closed. Do you need any more proof than that