MSEG 630–010, CHEG 600–010
Introduction to Science and Engineering of Polymer Systems
This course provides an understanding of the science and engineering of macromolecules from a structure/property perspective. Topics include polymerization, chain structure and configuration, polymer size and shape, phase separation behavior, amorphous and crystalline state, glass–rubber transition, cross linking/rubber elasticity, viscoelasticity, rheology polymer processing and mechanical behavior.

MSEG 667–013
Biopolymeric Materials
This course highlights the increasing importance of biomaterials across materials science, and integrates current research topics with fundamental polymer materials concepts. Topics covered include protein–based materials, carbohydrate–containing material, biodegradable synthetic materials, and the application of polymeric biomaterials in drug delivery and tissue engineering.

MSEG 833–010
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Lab
This course provides direct laboratory experience in several major polymerization methods including condensation, free radical, living free radical, and anionic polymerization and copolymerization methods. Polymers synthesized are characterized via common polymer characterization methods such as IR spectroscopy, gel permeation chromatography, differential scanning calorimetry, and NMR spectroscopy.

MSEG 667–011, MSEG467–011
Tissue Engineering: the Convergence of Engineering and Biology
To provide basic understanding of the principles and methodologies of tissue engineering, to highlight the field’s overlap with other disciplines, including biology, mechanical engineering and chemistry, and to prepare students for future careers in biomedical engineering. Topic covered include basic cell and matrix biology, synthesis and processing of polymeric materials, design and fabrication of bioreactors, and the application of biological science and engineering principles in tissue regeneration.

MSEG 832–000
Principles of Polymerization
This course provides background in the theoretical and synthetic considerations of polymer synthesis. Topics include theoretical descriptions of molecular weight distributions, step growth polymerizations, chain growth polymerizations, living polymerizations, ring opening polymerization, as well as chemical strategies for the production of various polymers. Specialized topics in the current polymer chemistry literature are also discussed.
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