Guoquan (Paul) Huang

Associate Professor, University of Delaware

University of Delaware

Mechanical Engineering

Computer and Information Sciences

130 Academy Street, SPL 304

Newark, DE 19716, USA

phone: (302) 831-8796

fax: (302) 831-3619



I am currently an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) at University of Delaware (UD), where I am leading the Robot Perception and Navigation Group (RPNG), a key part of UD Center for Autonomous and Robotic Systems (CARS). I also hold the title of Adjunct Professor at Zhejiang University and Principal Scientist at Meituan USA. I was a Postdoctoral Associate (2012-2014) working in Marine Robotics Group of John Leonard at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Prior to MIT, I was working with Stergios Roumeliotis in Multiple Autonomous Robotic Systems (MARS) Lab at Digital Technology Center (DTC) and Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota (UMN), where I obtained my M.Sc. and Ph.D. in computer science in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Before that, I had been a research assistant for two years in Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where I worked with Ahmad Rad, after receiving my B.S. degree in automation (electrical engineering) from University of Science and Technology Beijing.

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My research interests focus on state estimation and spatial perception for robotics and XR, including probabilistic sensing, localization, mapping, perception and planning of autonomous ground, aerial and underwater vehicles, as well as mobile devices:

  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

  • Aided inertial navigation

  • Visual-inertial navigation system (VINS)

  • Moving object (target) tracking and prediction

  • Multi-robot cooperative localization and tracking

  • Sensor calibration and fusion

  • 3D scene understanding

  • Spatial perception and cognition

  • Planning under uncertainty

Learn more from my research lab at UD: Robot Perception and Navigation Group (RPNG).

What's New

  • (Dec 2023) Woosik Lee finishes his PhD and joins Apple.

  • (Jul 2023) Our paper won the RSS 2023 Best Student Paper Finalist. Congrats Nate, Patrick, Sai, and Chuchu!

  • (Jun 2023) Patrick Geneva finishes his PhD and joins Apple. Congrats Dr. Geneva!

  • (Jun 2023) Our new TRO paper on visual-inertial self-calibration is alive now.

  • (Apr 2023) Our GNC paper won the Best Overseas Paper Award. Congrats Kleio!

  • (Oct 2022) Zheng Huai finishes his PhD and joins Google ARCore. Congrats Dr. Huai!

  • (Sep 2022) I again serve as Associate Editor (AE) for ICRA 2023.

  • (May 2022) Our new TRO paper (OA-LICalib) accepted - Congrats Jiajun and Xingxing!

  • (May 2022) We won the ICRA 2022 Outstanding Navigation Paper Award. Congrats Lipu!

  • (Jan 2022) I serve as an Associate Editor (AE) for T-RO, and again for RA-L and IROS.

  • (Oct 2021) Yulin Yang has sucessfully defended his thesis and will join Apple. Congrats Dr. Yang!

  • (May 2021) CodeVIO paper is the ICRA 2021 Best Paper Finalist in Robot Vision. Congrats Xingxing and Nate!

  • (Oct 2020) I was elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member.

  • (Aug 2020) Two new NSF projects awarded.

  • (Jun 2020) All three IROS papers accepted.

  • (May 2020) RSS paper on IMU intrinsics accepted.

  • (Apr 2020) We won the ARL SARA award.

  • (Jan 2020) Four ICRA papers accepted!

  • (Dec 2019) Our JFR paper accepted - Congratulations Xingxing and Yulin.

  • (Oct 2019) We won the IROS 2019 FPV Drone Racing VIO Competition.

  • (Oct 2019) Kevin sucessfully defended his PhD thesis and joned Facebook Oculus as a research scientist. Congrats Dr. Eckenhoff!

  • (Sep 2019) New NSF NRI Project on distributed visual-inertial estimation is awarded.

  • (Aug 2019) We are organizing ISMAR 2019 SLAM for AR Competition. Please participate!

  • (Aug 2019) I won the Google AR/VR Faculty Research Award.

  • (Jul 2019) New ARL project on high-speed UAV flying is funded.

  • (Jul 2019) We are organizing the first VINS Workshop at IROS 2019. Please submit your papers!

  • (Jun 2019) All four papers accepted to present at IROS!

  • (Jun 2019) Our TRO paper is accepted - Congratulations Yulin!

  • (May 2019) Congratulations Nate on his CIS Outsanding Senior Award and AAUP-UD Student Award!

  • (May 2019) Congratulations Patrick on his NASA Delaware Space Grant Fellowship!

  • (Mar 2019) Congratulations Yulin on his University Doctoral Fellowship!

  • (Mar 2019) Our CVPR paper on Schmidt-EKF based visual-inertial SLAM got accepted!

  • (Feb 2019) We open source our Robocentric VIO - check it out: R-VIO

  • (Feb 2019) I again serve as AE for IROS and PC for IJCAI.

  • (Jan 2019) My group has 8 papers accepted to present at ICRA 2019. Bravo RPNG!

  • (Jan 2019) Two RAL papers are accepted.

  • More…