Guangmo (Amo) Tong

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware
Affiliated: Data Science Institute, Quantum Science and Engineering Program
Email: amotong at udel dot edu

Dr. Tong receives a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas under the supervision of Prof. Ding-Zhu Du. His research interests include data-driven decision making, machine learning, and theoretical computer science. His research has been supported by NSF and NASA.

☸ NSF Career Award
☸ Outstanding Faculty Research Award, CISC UD
☸ Outstanding/Highlighted Reviewer of NeurIPS, ICML and ICLR
☸ Associate Editor: Computational Social Networks (Springer), Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (Springer)
☸ Recent Conference Service:

Yifan Wang

Ph.D. Candidate

☸ Statistical learning
☸ Deep learning
☸ Social network analysis

Siqi Wang

Ph.D. Student

☸ Reinforcement learning
☸ Deep learning
☸ Combinatorial optimization

Mina Samizadeh

Ph.D. Student

☸ Machine learning
☸ Fairness and privacy
☸ Query-decision regression

Jiahao Xie

Ph.D. Student

☸ Machine learning
☸ Set Function Learning
☸ Combinatorial Optimization


Deep learning station

☸ 2x RTX A4000
☸ AMD Threadripper Pro 3955WX
☸ Air cooling



☸ Intel Xeon Gold 6338
☸ 2TB Hard Drive


Dhana Lakshmi Kankanala

Nagendra Sai Nandimandalam

Bryan Cabrera Icte

Connor Onweller (Poster: Communities are Different)

Di Cui (Thesis: Predicting Text Features of Social Temporal Point Process)

Sahar Nilipour (Thesis: Toward Mental Health Prediction Using Browsing History For Predictive And Soft Labeling)

Ruiqi Wang (Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University)

Qiao Chu (Ph.D. student at the University of Delaware)

Parth Party (Undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University)