Guangmo (Amo) Tong

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Delaware

Email: amotong at
Office: Smith Hall 412

Opportunities in the Computational Data Science (CDS) Lab.

April 2022: The CDS lab is looking for PhD students who enjoy theoretical research.

The CDS lab is also providing research opportunities for undergraduate/graduate students with projects in machine learning and combinatorial optimization.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact me via email or stop by.

Latest News

► Course Algorithm Design and Analysis will be offered in Fall 2022.

► Course Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Theory will be offered in Fall 2022.

► Highlighted Reviewer of ICLR 2022.

► Paper Learnability of Competitive Threshold Models accepted by IJCAI-ECAI 2022. Congratulations, Yifan!

► Serve as reviewer for ICML 2022 and MetroCAD 2022.

► Keynote speaker for AAIM 2021.

► NeurIPS 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Award.

► Paper USCO-Solver: Solving Undetermined Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization accepted by NeurIPS 2021

► Serve as reviewer for ICLR 2022, TheWebConf 2022, and AAIM2021.

► Paper Influence Maximization Problem With Echo Chamber Effect in Social Network published in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021