Patrick Geneva is a graduate student at the University of Delaware. He is pursuing a Phd in Computer Science in the College of Engineering. He is interested in the areas of computer science, robotics, and computer applications. Under the direction of Guoquan Huang he is exploring the area of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and visual-inertial navigation systems (VINS). This website holds readings, projects, and personal notes that have been created while at the University of Delaware. There is also a page on the FSAE team which includes design reports and videos.

Contact Information:

Robot Perception and Navigation Group (RPNG):

  • Guoquan Huang (Faculty)
  • Kevin Eckenhoff (ME, PhD student) @ Facebook Oculus
  • Zheng Huai (ME, PhD student)
  • Yulin Yang (ME, PhD student) @ Apple Seattle
  • Xingxing Zuo (CSC@Zhejiang Univ., PhD student) @ Postdoc TUM
  • Woosik Lee (ME, PhD student)
  • Nathaniel Merrill (CIS, PhD student)
  • Chuchu Chen (ME, PhD student)
  • Yuxiang Peng (ME, PhD student)
  • Chinmay Burgul (ME, PhD student)