The Secret Invaders


The Mystic Grand Prix (canceled)
Twist and Turn Race (starts as adventure end)


Good Guys Bad Guys
Speed Rudolph Elegantor
Trixie Vice-President Duper
Racer X
President Montebank
Prince Snowier
Princess Gracious
Tailgate Crumple
Tailgate Jones
Rusty Muffle
Piston Powers
Badcat Stunts


Mach Five Formula One


Elegantor's unnamed network of assassins.

Part I

We fade in to the city of Ambrocia, high in the Mystic Mountains on Lake Ripplelaps. One of the world's most famous races, the Mystic Grand Prix, is being held here. In starting position one is the famous Piston Powers, Racer X is there as well as Speed who is in the new supercharged Mach Five Formula One that Pops designed. As the racers wait for the flag to start the race, Prince Snowier and Princess Gracious walk onto a balcony overlooking the street where the racers are. As the Princess picks up the flag, someone has her in the sites of his gun. He is part of a network of assassins. After firing the rifle from a building across the street, he leaps out the window and begins running across rooftops to escape. Speed notices and follows in his formula one in the streets below. After he catches up to the sniper, he climbs up a fire escape ladder and fights. The assassin loses his footing and falls to his death on the street below. (Violence in cartoons; weren't they the good ol' days?)

On a train, there are several bad guys, all wearing coats, ties, hats, and red carnations, meeting in a high-tech office. The speaker uses a remote control to open a chessboard behind a panel. He grabs a piece and throws it to the floor saying their plans were foiled. One of the other attendees, though, says he discovered why. He presents a mirror he found near the starting line. It means, he continues, that one of the racers is an agent for Interpol. They begin reviewing the racers on film to decide who might be the agent. They start looking at Badcat Stunts and Tailgate Jones. Ultimately they narrow the list down to Rusty Muffle, Tailgate Crumple, and Speed.

Meanwhile, the Mach Five Formula One is headed for Abolonia to take part in the Twist and Turn Race. The Mystic Grand Prix has been canceled because of the assassination attempt on Princess Gracious. As they're driving Speed and Trixie are alongside Rusty Muffle and talk for a bit. As they separate, Speed remarks that Rusty seems too old to have just become a pro-racer this year. He suspects Rusty may be something else than a racer (it turns out, though, that he does just happen to be an older racer). The group of assassins have the same doubts as Speed, however. As Muffle drives by, they shoot out a tire, and he crashes and is killed. The assassins see Speed coming and prepare to give him the same treatment. However, Spritle and Chim-Chim say they need to get and stretch their legs. Once stopped, everyone gets out. As Speed and Trixie admire the beautiful landscape, Trixie spots Muffle's car at the bottom of the cliff below. They run down to find Muffle didn't survive. At the same time, four of the assassins have come down with guns, fearful that Speed and Trixie will somehow discover that they did it, and prepare to shoot them. Just then, Racer X drives by causing a distraction. Speed and Trixie use their martial arts while Spritle uses his slingshot. The bad guys flee. Racer X knew the men mistook Speed for a secret agent and tells Speed and Trixie. He also says before the race, he's going to stop in Paris to do a little siteseeing and he'll see them at the race.

In Paris, an agent walks into an old building and turns a faucet, activating a secret elevator. He goes five levels underground into a well-lit modern office full of electronics. He is the Chief of the local Interpol office. His secretary is just receiving a report and orders from the International Police Branch in Abolonia. They want him to keep an eye on Rudolph Elegantor and his organization, the network of assassins. The secretary tells the Chief that Agent 9 is coming. It's Racer X, complete with trenchcoat. The Chief is telling Agent 8 to follow Elegantor. Just then, Elegantor, in top hat and smoking a cigar, kills Agent 8. Elegantor gets on 8's radio taunting the Chief - that's not very smart of him, is it? By now, Muffle and Crumple are both murdered, and we find out that Elegantor wants to take over the country of Abolonia. The Chief and Agent 9, however, have no idea what Elegantor is planning.

At the same time, we see Speed and Trixie driving into Abolonia City which Trixie is admiring. Speed says it took the new president, President Montebank, 10 years to turn the country into a modern one. Speed also says he wants to win the race and the President's Cup. As they pull up to the hotel, the "attendant," actually one of Elegantor's men, goes to "park" the Mach Five.

At the hotel, Speed and Trixie are unpacking in Room 105. [Speed and Trixie sure are admirably liberal 18 and 17 year olds.] Someone knocks at the door, handing Speed an invitation to come to the President's house for a 6pm dinner engagement. Spritle and Chim-Chim plan their usual trick of hiding in the Mach Five, but this time they're too late. As Speed and Trixie, both well-dressed, drive off, Spritle and Chim-Chim overhear the "parking attendant" congratulate himself that Speed didn't check the tores and won't find the bomb planted there. As the front left tire reaches a certain temperature, the bomb will be detonated. The bad guy then realizes Spritle and Chim-Chim overheard him. Spritle and Chim-Chim run their fastest and get back to the hotel room with the bad guy in hot pursuit. Spritle wants to get Trixie's transmitter to radio and warn them. He manages to do so. Speed hits "A" on the Mach Five which lifts the front wheels off the ground, and he comes to a screeching halt. he takes off the left front tire - using a hammer! -and throws it just before it blows up. By now the bad guy has broken into the hotel room, though. Spritle and Chim-Chim are using their best teamwork to fight off the guy, but it's clear he's slowly winning. As he finally gets the upper hand, Speed runs in. But the bad guy says it doesn't matter. A bomb is planted in the President's microphone and will detonate at 6:15pm, only 3 minutes from now.

At the President's house, all the racers are there in coats and ties. Racer X is wondering where Speed is and why he's late. Speed comes running in, pushing guards aside and running for the President. He lunges and pushes the President down as the bomb goes off reducing the room to rubble.

Part II

Speed and President Montebank are partially buried under rubble and unconscious. Speed is seriously hurt. Both are taken care of in National Hospital, Speed in Room 5, and the President in Room 1. Posing as a representative of Vice-President Duper, Elegantor invites Speed to the Vice-President's tomorrow at 6pm. Bringing flowers to Speed at the hospital, Racer X sees Elegantor and realizes Vice-President Duper must also be a bad guy if Elegantor is working with him. Racer X, or should I say, Agent 9, tells the Chief.

As Speed arrives at Duper's the next evening, he is brought underground. He is told it's because Duper is being careful after the assassination attempt on the President. However, once off the elevator, bad guys escort Speed to a waiting room and lock him in. The thugs are told to not mess things up this time.

At the same time, Racer X stops by to see Speed and Trixie, but Trixie tells him Speed has already left for the Vice-President's. Racer X runs away and hops in his car.

As they open the door, the thugs pull a gun on Speed. He does his best to attack them but is knocked out. Racing to Vice-President Duper's, Racer X knows Speed is in danger. At the Vice-President's, someone in a Speed Racer mask, zooms away in the Mach Five. The real Speed, unconscious, has been put in the trunk. The bad guy stops at a cliff rolls the Mach Five and Speed off the edge into the ocean below.

At Speed's funeral, reporters say that the death is suspicious. Just then Racer X sees Speed standing in the shadows - disguised in a trenchcoat and shades. Not very imaginative, was Speed? Racer X asks Speed why he is pretending to be dead. Speed answers that he hopes it will help him found out what's going on. Meanwhile, Elegantor hears that the President is going on vacation to La Mamba. Racer X follows.

At the palace, the gang of assassins come by helicopter and foot to shoot the President, but as they swoop low, the "President and escort" turn out to be none other than Speed and Trixie. As they fight off the bad guys on the ground, the helicopter starts chasing Speed. The pilot concentrates so much on Speed that he fails to see a tall pine tree up ahead and crashes into it. Racer X, on the radio, tells Duper he's been found out. Duper and Elegantor escape in Eleganto's specially equipped car. Speed follows in the Mach Five as Elegantor's car uses machine guns out the back to shoot, but Speed puts up the bulletproof cockpit cover. Elegantor then tries dumping oil to cause Speed to crash but Speed uses the "B" button to employ the Mach Five's special all-terrain traction tires. As a last-ditch effort, Elegantor starts dropping many barrels of explosives in the Mach Five's path, but Speed's expert driving and occasional help from the "A" jacks to bound over the barrels he can't steer around, let him avoid catastrophe. At that point Duper wants to give up, but Elegantor doesn't. Duper grabs the steering wheel causing he and Elegantor to go off the edge of the cliff.

Speed thinks to himself, "As long as men seek power illegally, there will be evil things done in the world. But I'll do what I can to see that men like them never succeed. If everyone did the same, it would be a more peaceful world."

Finally, the Twist and Turn Race is ready to begin. The President gives the signal, and the drivers speed away from the starting line.