List of Characters

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Go Team

Speed, at 18 years of age (age mentioned in Challenge of the Masked Racer), is one of the youngest competitors on the international racing circuit. He's courageous and skillful with plenty of natural talent and quick reflexes. He also happens to be an expert martial artist and has impeccable morals. Speed does what's right even if it means losing or putting himself at risk. And that's a good thing, too - he'd never make it as a bad guy. For instance, in Challenge of the Masked Racer, Speed enters a race against his father's wishes. His imaginative alias? Happy Doodle!

Trixie is a 17 year old girl (age given in Junk Car Grand Prix) who also happens to be a helicopter pilot, navigation whiz (see her quick calculations in Fire Race determining the Mach Five had to average 160 mph to win), and is, wouldn't you know, crazy about Speed. She gets jealous easily when other girls catch Speed's eye, or even appear to! Trixie, like Speed, is also a well-trained, fearless martial artist. Even when the bad guys have the advantage in numbers, you can count on Trixie to keep her cool.

Racer X, unknown to the Racer family, is Speed's older brother Rex. Rex left years ago when he was only 18. Pops had spent years building a car -- red, number one -- which Rex used in a race at the Sunny Downs Track. [In the comic book version, the car is number 9, not 1; the same number Rex later chose as Racer X.] On lap 12, car #3 purposely hits car #13. Rex, in car #1, gains on #3 and is closing on the finish line. Just before getting there, because of his lack of experience, he loses control and crashes. Pops is relieved Rex is unhurt. Rex says he deserved to win because he drove best. Pops gets angry and says his driving technique was awful and Rex needs more experience. Pops, losing his cool seeing his car in a crumbled, flaming heap, yells at Rex that he better never see him behind the wheel of a car again. Pops usually says things he doesn't mean, but Rex seems to have forgotten this and says that he would have to leave and become a champion racer on his own if he doesn't have Pops' support. The Racer family never saw Rex again after that day.

Pops comments in Challenge of the Masked Racer that "Racer X is one of the best racers I've ever seen." In Part II of that episode, Rex, talking to an unconscious Speed, says that when he finally becomes World Champion, he will reveal his identity to the world.

Adding even more mystery to a mysterious guy, Racer X is also Interpol Agent 9. He's also an expert marksman. In Gang of Assassins, he uses a machine gun to shoot the ropes off prisoners from about 30 feet away. This guy should be in the Olympics!

Sparky is Speed's closest friend and a top notch mechanic. Only Pops knows the Mach Five better. You can always count on Sparky to come through in a pinch when the Mach Five needs that extra little something to win. Sparky is also Pops' co-owner of Pops Motors, the business Pops starts after quitting his job with the big company that no longer supported his work on the Mach Five in The Great Plan.

Spritle is Rex's and Speed's young brother, who turns 8 years old during The Royal Racer. Spritle and Chim-Chim almost always accompany Speed and Trixie on their adventures by hiding in the trunk of the Mach Five. They often end up being crucial helping to get Speed out of bad situations, so the Racer family seems to only pretend to be annoyed when Spritle is discovered stowing away on a trip. Spritle, like most little boys, loves sweets, but it seems that Chim Chim nearly always manages to eat them before Spritle gets to them.

Chim Chim is the family's pet chimpanzee and Spritle's best buddy. Chim Chim is also instrumental in helping Speed and Trixie make it home safely. Even though he can't speak, he does use body language effectively enough to get his ideas across.

Pops is one of, if not the, foremost car mechanics in the world. He has designed many cars, but the Mach Five is the most advanced of them all. Pops at one time was also involved in sports. In The Great Plan, he mentions being a former champion of the West Side Grunters and Groaners. Later, in Race Against the Mammoth Car, Pops also talks of having been called "Dragon Racer, the famous wrestler."

Mom is Mrs. Racer, Pop's wife. She is an attractive woman (are there any other kind on Speed Racer?) who has a good sense of humor. She enjoys teasing Pops in a good natured way about his strict pretenses. And from time to time she is seen knitting. Like a good parent, she cares deeply about her children yet gives them enough freedom to learn the hard way when necessary. Her favorite flowers are white roses.

Major Allies

Twinkle Banks is a girl stunt driver in her father's circus, the Universal Circus. She catches Speed's eye in Girl Daredevil. She is willing to risk everything to help her father's failing circus. Not only does she drive in a cylinder raised high above that ground, but she even drives across the Niagara Falls just as a publicity event. In the end, she not does that, but is instrumental in the capture of an art thief, Mr. Cornpone Brotch.

Calcia Bone is the archeologist daughter of Dr. Digger O. Bone, also an archeologist, in Race Against Time. She and her father's assistant, Splint Femur, discover Cleopatra's tomb. During an excavation, a rock falls and hits her on the head causing her to then believe that she's Cleopatra. By the end of the adventure, her memory returns.

Delicia Lamster is about Spritle's age in Man on the Lam. She's an outgoing, loving little girl who had a fever at some earlier point in her childhood which has left her blind. Her father is an escaped convict who meets an untimely death and gives Delicia sight by donating his eyes to her.

Inspector Detector appears in many episodes. It doesn't matter what country, where or when. He's always there to uphold the law. He's a nice guy always willing to congratulate and reward those who help him solve crimes. He makes his first appearance in The Secret Engine towards the end.

Rock Force shows up in The Snake Track as a pro race driver believing his right arms is nearly unusable. He won a race he accepted money one year ago to lose. He plans to enter the Super Car Race in a car with a fancy automatic transmission, but at Speed's urging, he enters using his car with a manual one. Rock beat Speed...maybe Speed should have kept quiet.

Prince Jam is an eight year old prince of the Kingdom of Saccharin and son of the King. He is to be coronated king and as part of the celebration in The Royal Racer, the Baby Grand Prix for 8 to 13 years will be held. Pops has built the prince a special mini formula one racer. However, the prince, who is a dead ringer for Spritle, is targeted by the evil Omar Offendem. Offendem is a minister of the king's who wants the not too bright Prince Sugarin on the throne. That way, he can run the country with Sugarin as figurehead. Along the way, we have a Prince and Pauper style mixup with Spritle and Prince Jam.

Kim Jugger is the son of General Cardonce in Desperate Desert Race. He is about Speed's age drives the Black Tiger. Kim claims to have won every race he's entered. Due to sabotage by Ali Ben Schemer, he's unable to compete aginst Speed in the Desert Race in Sandal Land. He and Speed have their own race, without brakes, around the Palace of Doom. Again, bad luck strikes. Kim gets caught in quicksand, Speed rescues him, they then both get caught in quicksand and are rescued by the Flathill Army. While Kim is a bit arrogant at first, he and Speed become allies by the adventure's end.

Kabala appears in The Fire Race. It's not, however, really Kabala. Kabala, from Kapetapek, died years earlier in an avalanche. To keep Kapetapek from opening its borders to the world and being destroyed by looters, etc., of the civilized world, Racer X took on Kabala's identity to win the Fire Race that would keep the borders of Kapetapek closed. How did Racer X know to do this at the time of Kabala's death, since the race wouldn't be held 'til years later, you ask? Well, geez, you're just not supposed to ask questions like that! However, in the early days of Racer X's racing career, Kabala took Racer X under his wing, and showed him how to race on difficult mountain roads that no other racers could manage.

Note: Live Entertainment, who markets the Speed Racer video tapes in USA, incorrectly calls Kabala an arch villain in their promos. Don't be confused. They didn't do their homework well is all! Kabala is feared by Speed to be a villain early on, but the truth is discovered towards the end of The Fire Race that he's really an honorable guy.

Mr. Lightfingers Klepto, Jr. is the kind-hearted - but stubborn - old man in The Secret Engine. He takes care of his granddaughter and has adopted about a dozen other children. He is also the son of Lightfingers Klepto, Sr., a bank robber who was double-crossed and killed by his fellow criminals. Mr. Klepto, Jr., though, still loves his father and honors his memory by keeping his father's old Model T car in perfect shape.

Lily Marker is the pretty teenage daughter of Flash Marker who was killed by the Three Roses Club in the Race at Danger Pass. She tries but is unable to convince her older brother, Flash, Jr., to not follow his plan of revenge. She runs a little flower shop.

Janine Trotter shows up in Car Hater as a pretty teenage girl who wants become a racing car driver. Her father, Mr. Trotter, however, is the man the episode is named after -- the car hater. He initially wants Janine to have nothing to do with cars. When Speed and Trixie use the Mach Five to bring Janine to the hospital, Mr. Trotter finally realizes cars are inherently evil. He relents and Speed offers to give Janine race driving lessons.

Ivonna von Vondervon is a 17 year old girl in Junk Car Grand Prix who had been somehow separated from her father at the age of 12, and placed in an orphanage. Her father holds a race for 17 year old girls whose winner will be treated like the Baron von Vondervon's long lost daughter. By chance, Ivonna enters the race with her orphanage friends. She comes in second place to Trixie, but luckily the Baron discovers Ivonna is his daughter. However, Ivonna, being the good girl she is, decides she has to return to the orphanage because she cares so much for the children there. The Baron saves the day, though, when he gives her half his fortune and donates the other half to the orphanage.

Major Rivals

Prof. Anarchy is head of the worldwide organization made up of highly trained assassins. He makes his appearance in Gang of Assassins. At that point, he has killed 2707 men. That's some assassin, alright.

Tongue Blaggard heads an unscrupulous worldwide organization made up of thousands of men. In The Secret Engine he has just escaped from Sonolong Prison. While there, he learned from a dying convict that a billion dollars is hidden somewhere in Misty Valley and that its location is on the engine block of an old Model T. Unfortunately, the Model T is now cared for by a kind old man named Mr. Klepto, Jr. Blaggard is caught again and sent back to prison after his quest for the car.

Cruncher Block seems to be a major organized crime boss. He appears in Race Against the Mammoth Car trying to steal $50 million in gold. He attempts to do so with a clever plan of building a gigantic car, the Mammoth Car, which has the gold built into making it virtually undetectable to inspectors. Though his plan is foiled, it doesn't seem that he ends up in jail.

Mr. Cornpone Brotch is a big, bad art thief in Girl Daredevil. I mean, did his parents expect anything else, giving him a name like Cornpone? Anyway, he is perfectly willing to risk the life of the cute little Twinkle Banks so that he can run off with some hidden treasure. Brotch has a huge underground hideout behind the faces of Mt. Rushmore. Though he is a notorious criminal, the police have never been able to catch him. But thanks to Speed and Trixie -- who's more than a little jealous of Twinkle, by the way -- Brotch not only fails, but is defeated.

Mr. Cumulus is one of those manical bad guys with his plans bent on making him emperor of all the earth. He always wears some sort of super-hero -- make that, super-villain -- green mask. Among his underlings, number one is clearly Dr. Nightcall who supplies him with ICBMs. He plans to obliterate the militaries of the world so that he can take control. When Spritle thwarts him, he drives off in his copy Mach Five, loaded down with an atom bomb, to destroy himself and the city. In the process of stopping him, Speed throws him from the copy Mach Five, killing him.

Ace Deucey is some sort of criminal reminiscent of a hit man in some ways. That is, he appears in The Great Race simply to make extra cash working for someone else, Mr. van Ruffle. He tries to steal plans from Pops that Pops had spent a year working on for a new version of the Mach Five.

Rudolph Elegantor, always elegantly dressed with a top hat and cigar, is the head of a group of assassins. He is ruthless and fearless, but never quite manages to have things his way. In The Secret Invaders he is responsible for the deaths of Interpol Agent 8, nice guy Rusty Muffle, and Tailgate Jones. At the end of the same episode, he plunges to his death in his car.

Splint Femur is the assistant of Dr. Digger O. Bone, an archeologist specializing in ancient Egypt, in Race Against Time. He takes advantage of the mental state of Dr. Bone's daughter, Calcia, who, after an accident, thinks she's Cleopatra, to trick slaves into thinking Cleopatra is alive and ruling again. When Speed aid is enlisted by Dr. Bone in his dying moments, Femur's scheme begins to unravel. Ultimately, his is foiled and dies in a plane crash as he attempts to get away.

Mr. Fixer is the front man for Mr. Wiley in Challenge of the Masked Racer. Fixer initially tries to pay Pops $50,000 to have Speed join the Alpha Team. Pops doesn't even want Speed to race, let alone join a team. Fixer is also Wiley's idea man; deciding to sabotage Racer X's car by putting gasoline in the radiator instead of water. Of course, he never manages to pull off anything, though that doesn't seem to put a stop to his conniving attempts.

Gloryanna Flux is the ruthless baddie The Fastest Car on Earth. Disregarding the safety of her drivers, she has the GRX engine dug up and put it a new car. With it, she hopes to win the Grand Prix of the Orient, but fails.

Gaff Gunstle heads a ``local chapter'' of a worldwife organiztion of gangs of assassins in the adventure titled, appropriately enough, Gang of Assassins. He hopes to get rid of all the major politicians in the world so that they will have full control of everything. His boss is the big boss of 'em all, Professor Anarchy.

Kadar is the villain in The Fire Race. He is the leader of a five car team, numbers 001 through 005; he is of course 001. His reason for entering the Fire Festival Race is not to race, but to steal as much of the wealth of the Kapetapekans as possible. This is his undoing, as his unbounded greed leads him to his death in a pool of scalding lava.

Free Load has a tough time in Junk Car Grand Prix. He initially teams up with Lolly since the race's rules require that a 17 year old girl be the driver. However, he is unhappy with lolligaging Lolly's driving skills and takes the wheel himself with a woman's scarf over his head. What a disguise. :-) When he later discovers that Ivonna, the race organizer's daughter, is in the race, he abandons Lolly and kidnaps Ivonna. He also has his thugs shoot sleeping gas into Trixie and Speed's car. When that doesn't stop them, the thugs, under Mr. Free Load's command, then try to machine gun them. No, Mr. Free Load is not nice.

Lawson Lamster is one of the more complex figures portrayed in the series. In Man on the Lam, we see him as a bank robber surving time in prison. He amkes his escape and is clearly shown to have a criminal mind without much compassion for anyone. The one exception, though, is his blind daughter, Delicia, who doesn't even know Lamster is her father. There's no question that he loves his daughter more than anything in the world, and when he is killed, he dontes his eyes to restore her sight.

Flash Marker, Jr. Flash, Jr. seems to be not so much of a bad guy, as just a boy who couldn't handle the murder of his father. In Race for Revenge he is nearly psychotic with rage at the Three Roses Club, who fifteen years earlier, killed his father. He remotely controls his father's car, the Malaise, to avenge his father's murder by killing off as many of the Three Roses Club as he can. His pretty sister, Lily, tries and fails to deter him from his plans. After his father's car is destroyed, Flash Jr., dies when he stares at the car, dumbstruck, and doesn't realize his helicopter will fly into the side of a mountain.

Dr. McFife is the meanie in Car With a Brain. As his name suggests, he is a fife player -- actually, it is a flute, but we won't say anything. He was a world reknowned scientist who went mad, and created a gigantic car run by an electronic brain. It took him 22 years to make the car; pretty impressive concentration for an insane guy.

Dr. Nightcall, in The Mach Five vs. the Mach Five, actually ends up turning into a good guy. He starts out, though, being greedy for power and uses his expert copying skills in support of Mr. Cumulus. When Nightcall's idealistic daughter, Lorena, is killed by Cumulus, Nightcall gives Speed advice that helps Speed stop Cumulus.

Omar Offendem is a minister of the King of Saccharin in Royal Racer. As the king prepares to hand over the crown to his son, Offendem tries to have a figurehead put in the thrown instead. In the end, though, Offendem offends 'em and is himself disgraced.

Snake Oiler is a member of the Car Acrobatic Team and enjoys taunting Speed. Snake appears in The Most Dangerous Race. While not out and out villainous, he definitely doesn't go out of his way to help Speed. Like, when Speed lost his vision and Snake laughs and drives on by. In the end, he gets his just reward. Thinking Speed is lying about an oil leak, Snake ignores him. Soon after, his car blows up.

Jack Rival owns the Rival Motor Company which first shows up in The Snake Track as the unethical company willing to kill people who might otherwise have the skill to beat the company's own racing drivers.

Mr. van Ruffle is a high ranking official in the car company that Pops worked for when he designed and built the Mach Five. van Ruffle [I hope I got his name right. It was very hard to understand it.] apparently gets greedy and wants control of the newer Mach Five plans that Pops has spent a year working on. When Pops proposes it to the board members, van Ruffle rejects them saying they're physically possible to realize. Of course, he then tries to steal the plans from Pops with the help of Ace Deucey. This all happens in The Great Race.

Ali Ben Schemer is the chief villain Desperate Desert Race. He is a one-eyed wearing a black patch over his missing eye. He somehow has convinced the nice guy General Cardonce that the government of Flathill Country is controlled by criminals. In fact, the government is in goods. Schemer is responsible for the death of Cardonce and the attempted murders of Speed and Cardonce's son, Kim Jugger. But in the end, it all catches up with Schemer. He's killed when his fortress hideout, the Palace of Doom, is blown up by Kim.

Zoomer Slick is the lead racer of the five man Alpha Team. He works for Mr. Wiley and Mr. Fixer. He's charged to do whatever it takes to win the Trans-Country Race in Challenge of the Masked Racer. Despite his and his 4 teammates' efforts to win the race at all costs, only one teammate finished the race (in third place). Slick's car blew up dazing him. [By the way, Slick and his red #2 car appear to be identical to the animation of the immediately preceding episode, The Great Race.]

Mr. Stencher previously robbed a bank with Lawson Lamster in Man on the Lam. He causes the death of Lamster as the two fight over the hidden loot.

Mr. Trotter is the father of Janine in Car Hater. His son was killed in a car accident causing Mr. Trotter to view all cars as evil weapons. Since then, he has trotted around on a horse trying to convince people of the evilness of cars. When Janine is in a car crash with Trixie -- a car crash Mr. Trotter caused -- only the Mach Five can quickly get her to the hospital. In the end, Mr. Trotter does a little jail time, but realizes the error of his ways. Pops builds him a little blue sports car, and Mr. Trotter even lets Janine do what she's dreamed of; become a racing car driver.

Mr. Wiley is the secret leader of the Alpha Team in Challenge of the Masked Racer. He seems to be some sort of organized crime figure. It's not clear why he is so intent on having Alpha Team win the Trans-Country Race, but he has offered to pay Zoomer Slick well to do so. Slick is encouraged to not play by the rules, of course, to guarantee that Alpha Team wins. Wiley's front man, the head of Alpha Team as far as the public kows, is Mr. Fixer. In the end, Wiley not only does not have a winning team, but his mansion is accidentally burnt down by one of his thugs (who was shooting at Speed and Spritle).

Minor Allies and Uninvolved Characters

Bangler is only briefly mentioned once in Race for Revenge. He seems to be the owner of the Malaise, the car in which driver Flash Marker was killed by the Three Roses Club drivers at Danger Pass.

Mr. Banks is Twinkle Banks' father in Girl Daredevil. He's nice man who runs his family business, the Universal Circus. In times past, he was the world's greatest animal trainer. But he treated the animals so well -- feeding prime cuts of steak even -- that his business failed. All that's left of the circus is him, dressed as a somewhat sad looking clown, daughter Twinkle who performs some acrobatics and car stunts, and a group of chimps that drive cars. By the end of Girl Daredevil, though, we find that Mr. Banks regains his self-confidence and pride and know that the Uniersal Circus will once again be a success. Just keep him out of the steak aisle at the grocery store...

Dr. Digger O. Bone, an archeologist meets an unfortunate demise early in Race Against Time. The previous spring, he had sent his archeologist daughter, Calcia, to Egypt. When she disappeared after sending home a snapshot of her and Splint Femur by Cleopatra's tomb, Dr. Bone came to Egypt to find her. His assistant, Femur, however, has become greedy and wants the treasure of Cleopatra. As a result, he is willing to destroy anyone threatening to uncover his scheme. Dr. Bone was one of those people... His dying request to Speed was to help find Calcia and Femur. (He died not knowing Femur was a bad guy and responsible for Dr. Bone's own death.)

Guts Buster, Jim Charger and Street Martin appear briefly in The Fire Race. (Now, how come these names never seemed unusual when I was 6??) Sparky points them out to Speed as they arrive at the Fire Festival in Kapetapek prior to the race. Sparky is impressed that these men, some of the world's most famous drivers, are there.

General Cardonce is an honorable, former general (it seems) of the Flathill Army of Flathill Country. He has somehow been tricked by Ali Ben Schemer into becoming leader of a rebel force trying to regain control of the government. Cardonce is killed when pushed down a well in Desperate Desert Race. Cardonce is the father of Kim Jugger. Is Cardonce his first name? Maybe that's why he and his son have seemingly different last names.

Chief is Racer X's immediate supervisor at Interpol and in The Secret Invaders is shown to be, apparently, the Chief of the Paris Interpol Office. He is a competent professional who takes his job seriously.

Skid Chill is a world famous driver competing in the Race at Danger Pass in Race for Revenge. He is run off the road near Danger Pass by drivers of the Three Roses Club. He drives car #6.

President Crackbow, leader of Acquiria, is assassinated early on in Gang of Assassins.

Ben Cranem is mentioned in The Fastest Car on Earth, as the inventor of the most dangerous and powerful engine built, the GRX. He died when test driving a car using the engine. His son Curly, meets the same fate when attempting to drive a new car built under the direction of Gloryanna Flux also using the GRX.

Tailgate Crumple, prone to accidents, is considered a possible Interpol agent by Elegantor in The Secret Invaders. Though, he is not an agent, he is killed by Elegantor's assassins.

Prince Omar Flathill is the imprisoned leader of Flathill Country in Desperate Desert Race. He's not exactly the most handsome guy in town, but he seems to be honorable enough. Speed and Kim rescue him along with Trixie the evening before the morning he is to be executed.

Princess Gracious is princess of the beautiful country Ambrocia in The Secret Invaders. Elegantor has one of his men try to assassinate her. Luckily, Racer X, from the starting line of the Mystic Grand Prix, shines a mirror in the sniper's face causing him to miss the Princess.

Tailgate Jones makes a brief appearance in The Secret Invaders. His background is reviewed by Elegantor's organization because they suspect he may be an Interpol agent. Elegantor's computer later rules him out as a possibility. Jones is a racer from the country of South Marsiponia.

Sooten Grime is another of the world class drivers competing in the Race at Danger Pass in Race for Revenge. We never learn who wins this race.

King of Saccharin is an old man ruling his kingdom in Royal Racer. He has decided to have his eight year old son, Prince Jam crowned as king but first has to suffer through Omar Offendem's attempted kidnapping (and probably assassination) of his son. The kidnapping is thwarted and Prince Jam becomes King Jam.

Flash Marker died fifteen years before in Race for Revenge. He seems to have been an honorable guy since he died by swerving to avoid a car that cut him off; a car, it turn out, that intended to kill him. Marker left two small children, Lily and Flash, Jr.

President Montebank is the good-hearted and intelligent President of of Abolonia. He is responsible for turning the backward country into a modern one in only ten years. Because of Speed's quick action, he survives an assassination attempt by Elegantor in The Secret Invaders.

Rusty Muffle has just turned pro this year, though he is a middle aged guy. He's known as a fast man on curves. Maybe he had a tough life and decided to try something new. Unfortunately for him, though, his age makes him appear to be an Interpol agent to Elegantor's organization in The Secret Invaders. While driving to the Twist and Turn Race, his tire is shot out causing him to crash off the edge of a cliff. He doesn't survive.

Lorena Nightcall is an overly idealistic girl appearing in The Mach Five vs. the Mach Five. She is willing to help her father, Dr. Nightcall, in his criminal activities because she thinks it will ultimately aid in developing the resources of the ocean for the benefit of mankind. Lorena is killed by the warped Mr. Cumulus who has his eyes set on becoming emperor of all earth. He fails when Speed and the gang become tangled in the scheme.

General Abdur Noble definitely is a guy who lives up to his name. In Desperate Desert Race he rescues Spritle and Chim-Chim from certain death in the desert, Speed and Kim from certain death in quicksand, and plays a role in saving Trixie and Prince Omar Flathill. He's such a good guy that we won't mention nearly all of his camel riding army fell into a pit around the fortress they were attacking...

High Octane, like Guts Wheeler, briefly appears in The Most Dangerous Race. Like Wheeler, he too tries and fails to jump a high stack of cars in the ``Stunts Car Spectacular.''

Omar is Gloryanna Flux's number one helper in The Fastest Car on Earth. While Flux is more a win-at-all-costs sort of person, Omar seems to genuinely enjoy doing bad things.

Piston Powers is never seen in The Secret Invaders, but he must be a top driver. The announcer at the Mystic Grand Prix says that Powers has position number one at the start.

Scootem Rooter is one of the world famous drivers competing in the Race at Danger Pass in Race for Revenge.

Fireball Rust shows up in The Secret Engine as a racing coach for Speed and other drivers. Apparently, he is experienced and highly regarded. He, in turn, holds Racer X in high regard.

Sirvana is the pretty granddaughter of the King of Kapetapek in The Fire Race. While she seems to share her grandfather's reluctance to open the kingdom's borders to the outside world, she is also quite willing to start friendships with outsiders like Speed and Trixie. She is courageous, as demonstrated by refusal to give Kadar information on the location of her kingdom's wealth even though Kadar and his teammates outnumbered her and were much older and stronger. She seems to be one of the few characters in the episode with a balanced view of the situation.

Prince Snowier appears with Princess Gracious to start the Mystic Grand Prix in The Secret Invaders. The race is canceled after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Princess Gracious. It's not clear whether he is Princess Gracious' brother or husband.

Badcat Stunts, from Pomping and 15 year pro racer, is briefly considered by Rudolph Elegantor and his organization to be an Interpol agent in The Secret Invaders. Beyond this mention, we learn no more about him.

Prince Sugarin is the cousin of Prince Jam in Royal Racer. The villain Omar Offendem wants to have the not so swift Sugarin coronated rather than Jam. That way, he can rule the country using Sugarin as a figurehead. His plot fails, and Sugarin goes on as blissfully unaware as if nothing had happened...

Professor Tower invents the powerful Mizmo ray in The Mach Five vs. the Mach Five. The ray concentrates a 20,000 degree beam onto its target with explosive results. Tower appears briefly.

Baron von Vondervon is the organizer and supporter of the Junk Car Grand Prix. He happens to be, well, a bit cheap even though he is extremely wealthy. At the gala opening of the race, he serves only water... We all know people like this, don't we? Anyway, the race is held because he misses terribly his daughter, Ivonna, who disappeared 5 years ago when she was 12. The winner of the Junk Car Grand Prix, whose drivers are 17 year old girls, will be treated like the Baron's daughter. As luck would have it, his daughter (who has been in an orphanage) enters the race. He is so overjoyed at finding his daughter that he generously gives her half his fortune and the orphanage the other half. The world has too few people like this.

Guts Wheeler makes a brief appearance at the beginning of The Most Dangerous Race where he tries and fails to jump a stack of cars. Soon after, Snake Oiler succeeds in jumping an even higher stack.

Minor Rivals

Mr. Black and Mr. Green, with Mr. Herring, were coaches of the Three Roses Club fifteen years ago. Both men are killed in Race for Revenge by a car remotely controlled by the son of driver whose death they were responsible for.

Cracker, Knuckles, Finger and Schlepper are the heavy handed toughies working for Mr. Stencher in Man on the Lam.

Curly Cranem, the son of Ben Cranem, is one of the many drivers in The Fastest Car on Earth who attempts to drive the GRX. Unfortunately, he, too, fails and meets an untimely demise.

Duggery isn't really an evil villain, but he is a malicious racer. In The Great Race we see him purposely cause many serious accidents just for the sake of doing it. As bad as he seems, he does help Speed when they are both stuck in a volcano and also offers advice on alternative routes when Speed is being chased by Ace Deucey. That makes it hard to classify Duggery as good or bad. I guess he's just a normal person with a worse than normal sense of humor.

Vice-President Duper is vice-president of the country of Abolonia in The Secret Invaders. He wears an eye patch and is a weak-hearted person who is easily manipulated. Elegantor does just that hoping that he, Elegantor, will become the ruler Abolonia with the help of some evil plotting. Duper and Elegantor drive off a cliff and die when Duper begins trying to take the steering wheel from Elegantor. Duper wants to give up, but Elegantor doesn't.

Red Herring is an official of the Racing Car Association in Race for Revenge who happens to have a skeleton in his closet. Fifteen years ago, he was one of the coaches of the Three Roses Club. When the team raced at Danger Pass, they were ordered to do whatever it took to win. During the course of the race, they purposely forced a car, the Malaise, off the road killing its driver. It appears that he is never forced to pay for his past crime.

Lightfingers Klepto, Sr., who has been dead for decades, appears in flashbacks in The Secret Engine. He stole a billion dollars from a bank, which somehow fits into a briefcase, abd buried it by a volcano. When it is finally found with the help of some numbers on his old Model T's engine block, the money turn to dust due to years of exposure to the volcano. Mr. Klepto, Sr., is definitely a criminal but probably not an evil person since he earns the love of his son.

Lolly is a 17 year old girl who appears in Junk Car Grand Prix. The race's rules stipulate that only 17 year old girls can be drivers. It appears that she has been recruited by Free Load only because of her sex and age. Since the winner will be treated as the Baron's daughter, it seems she is swayed by greed to take part. I don't think she's truly villainous.

Ta-Conkin is the country's best sword fighter in Race Against Time. In an effort to have Speed killed in a way that wouldn't gather suspicion, Splint Femur pits Speed against Ta-Conkin. With his usual quick thinking and a stroke of luck, Speed wins the contest. Ta-Conkin begs Speed not to kill him, and of course Speed doesn't -- and wouldn't have anyway.

Tiny is a 10 foot tall goliath who works for Tongue Blaggard. He doesn't seem very bright, but his brawn makes up for his lack of brain. He is nearly unstoppable, but towards the end of The Secret Engine, Speed manages to do just that.

Loomis Towcar is one of the many drivers of the GRX in The Fastest Car on Earth who tries and fails to control the powerful car.