List of Cars

Don't forget to read the Credits to see who's responsible for all this.


Mach Five is, of course Speed's car, designed and built by Pops. It has a fancy steering wheel with buttons to help Speed out of most jams. Throughout the series, Pops or Sparky are continually redesigning and adding to the Mach Five, just like good engineers should.

Mach Five Formula One is a supercharged Formula One version of the Mach Five. It has all those ``extra options'' on the steering wheel...and even a trunk which Spritle and Chim-Chim are able to stow away in! The car appears in The Secret Invaders and competes in the Twist and Turn Race.

Shooting Star, is Racer X's yellow and black racing car that apparently has no special features, like the Mach Five. However, Racer X's exceptional driving abaility seems to have no need of anything but a powerful car; he can do the rest. He's Speed's biggest competitor and supporter.

The Black Tiger is Kim Jugger's car in Desperate Desert Race. It's a two-toned car, number 4, with black fenders and accented hood. The car is first sabotaged and the lost in quicksand in the adventure. As a result, Kim and Speed never have a chance to race each other to the finish. At one point, Kim mentions the Black Tiger has special brakes. Maybe this has something to do with his perfect record of winning all races entered?

GRX technically is not a car but an engine. It was built ten years ago by Ben Cranem. Cranem and four other test drivers were killed because the engine brought the car to velocities that human reflexes can't handle. According to Speed, the GRX reaches a velocity close to the speed of sound. In The Fastest Car on Earth, Oriena Flux leads a group that develop V Gas, a drug enabling drivers to react fast enough to handle the GRX. Her group builds a car and steal the GRX engine. The car, one of the most memorable in the series, is not named. As a result, it's informally called by its famous engine's name: the GRX. It competes in the Grand Prix of the Orient but crashes and burns when the driver drinks water, counteracting the effects of the V Gas. Also, when Speed is test driving the GRX, we see that it must have been designed with a British influence: the steering wheel is on the right side of the car.

Copy Mach Five is copied and built by Dr. Nightcall in Mach Five vs. Mach Five. It does everything the real Mach Five and more. It has at least four jet engines visible on the bottom, and retractable wings. It also has a retractable, hood-mounted Mizmo raygun. Or, I should say had. Speed used the homing robot to destroy the Mizmo cannon, though the rest of the car survived. The villain, Mr. Cumulus, behind the project whose overall goal was to take over the earth, is killed when he falls from the copy Mach Five during the climactic struggle with Speed.

Prince Jam's Mini Racer is a formula one racer but sized down for an eight year old driver, Prince Jam, in The Royal Racer. It's red and, since it's for the soon-to-be king, is numbered one.

Kabala's Car is yellow and number 13. Like the Mach Five, it is equipped with auto jacks. It is seen springing across the Amazon River in Fire Race. Because Kabala died years before any of the races we witness in Speed Racer, his car is only glimpsed in memories and when Racer X disguises himself as Kabala and drives his car. Come to think of it, Racer X must be driving a look-alike car as well, since Kabala was racing when killed by the avalanche.

Kadar's Car, seen in Fire Race, appears to be an ordinary racing car, red, with number 001. Neither he nor his four teammates, whose cars are numbered 002 through 005, survive the Fire Race because of their greed. How's that for a lesson in morals?

Malaise (pronounced 'melange') is a black sports car, number X-3, in Race for Revenge. It is a supercharged car that Speed thinks might even be better than the Mach Five. When preparing for the Race at Danger Pass, the Mach Five is easily passed by the Malaise, which is doing 220 mph or more. Fifteen years ago, it was driven by Flash Marker when he was killed by drivers of the Three Roses Team. Flash, Jr. modifies the Malaise to be remotely controlled, so that he---injured and on a crutch---can use it to avenge his father's death. The car is destroyed during the Race at Danger Pass when Speed disconnects the remote control receiver under the hood.

Mammoth Car enters the No Limit World Race in Race Against the Mammoth Car. It is over 200 yards long and is train-like with 11 separate sections, the first of which contains the driver's cockpit. It's main engine generates 7500 hp and each wheel has an auxiliary engine which generates 1500 hp. This give the Mammoth Car more than 30,000 hp. It can travel over 500 mph on any type of road. The breaks are magnetic and so can be applied with just a push of a button. It's most interesting feature? It has over $50 million worth of gold built into it. Cruncher Block had hoped to smuggle the gold out of the country that way (he fails).

Monster Car is created by the mad Dr. McFife in Car with a Brain. It is a huge tracked vehicle powered by many rocket engines. It is capable of maneuvering submerged and has many advanced weapons such as ray guns and force fields. It is a fully autonomous vehicle under the control of its electronic brain. The Monster Car has a retractable pipe which can be shoved even through the earth and into fuel tanks so that it can grab its fuel even in places where the car is unwelcome. I'm pretty sure it's unwelcome just about everywhere, so the pipe is pretty convenient. The car is blown up at the end Car With a Brain.

Spritle's Mini Mach Five, like Prince Jam's in The Royal Racer, is a formula one racer scaled down for the newly turned eight year old driver, Spritle. It's painted using the same color scheme as the Mach Five but is numbered two. The prince's car is number one, and we can't offend him, you know.