Junk Car Grand Prix


The Junk Car Grand Prix
Finishing order:
  1. Trixie
  2. Ivonna von Vondervon


Good Guys Bad Guys
Speed Free Load
Trixie Lolly
Spritle Mr. Banks
Baron von Vondervon
Ivonna von Vondervon


Mach Five



At his mansion, Baron von Vondervon is giving a speech. Five years ago, when his daughter, Ivonna, was 12, she disappeared. The Baron misses her terribly and holds a race for 17 year old girls. The winner will come live at his estate and be treated like his own daughter. As the Baron gives his speech, Mr. Free Load notices the rare and expensive star topaz on the Baron's necktie. The villain Free Load is in the race for the money. Because he needs a 17 year old girl, he has apparently enlisted the aid of Lolly to be the driver. She doesn't seem all that bad herself, but would like to be the rich "daughter" of the Baron.

Later, as Speed and Trixie are by the Mach Five talking. A car driving by with one of the 17 year old entrants and 5 children in tattered clothes, breaks down. The attractive girl, with a star topaz hair decoration, gets out and opens the hood. Requesting tools like a surgeon at work, she quickly fixes the car and at the same time impresses Speed. As Speed self-consciously says hi to the girl, Trixie gets jealous and runs away. Speed follows. But I don't think he really regrets the little flirtation!

At the Junk Car Grand Prix, all the teams assemble by piles of junk provided by the Baron. The teams have to assemble cars and then use them to navigate the racing circuit. Using junk please the Baron, because of there are any car crashes, he hasn't lost any money. Yes, the Baron for all his wealth is a penny pincher. Soon we see that the teams of Trixie, the attractive girl Speed took a liking to, and the bad girl Lolly have assembles their cars and ready to race.

As the race begins, Free Load becomes unhappy with Lolly's driving skills and takes the wheel himself -- with an attempted disguise of a woman's scarf over his hair. His beard is harder to hide. As Free Load drives, he bumps Trixie and the pretty girl off the road. As fate would have it, though, Free Load soon gets a flat tire. To make sure no one else moves ahead, he calls in Heliflopter #1 (yes, that's heliflopter) to fire some sort of sleeping gas into Trixie's car putting her and Speed to sleep right at a cliff's edge as the Free Load and Lolly drive by. Luckily, Sparky is following. He comes across Speed and Trixie and wakes them up. Meanwhile, Heliflopter #2 is then called by Free Load to take care of Lolly. But as it prepares to fire, the heliflopter crashes into the mountains. Soon after -- boy those bad guys are quick -- they come trotting up on horses along with Free Load and Lolly. Free Load spots the star topaz hair decoration that the pretty girl is wearing and realizes she must be Ivonna, the Baron's long lost daughter. Free Load decides it's time to part ways with Lolly and kidnap Ivonna instead. He takes her to his heavily fortified mountain fortress.

As Speed heads towards the fortress in the Mach Five, he comes across heavy metal doors. Using the Mach Five's rotary saws, he easily gets through and finds himself in some sort of artificial gully, or narrow rock corridor. It is a defensive measure by Free Load and quickly fills with rushing water. Using the auto jacks, Speed springs the Mach Five free from the water. But Free Load and his baddies are waiting with machine guns and a bazooka. As they attack the Mach Five, Chim-Chim sneaks up on the bad guys and starts slapping them. While distracted, Speed picks up the dropped bazooka and fires it at the doors to the fortress.

Inside, as Free Load thinks he has the upper hand again, Chim-Chim puts some fire crackers in Free Load's back pocket. As they ignite, Free Load dances around. Then, Spritle uses his slingshot to shot lit firecrackers at the bad guys. With the bad guys retreating, what should our friends do? Why, finish the race, of course!

Trixie comes in first, Ivonna second, and apparently no one else finished; the third place block is empty. As Baron von Vondervon awards the winners, he sees the star topaz in Ivonna's hair and realizes she must be his daughter. Ivonna is also overjoyed but realizes she can't leave her "family" at the orphanage.

Though he's known for his cheapness, his happiness changes the Baron into a generous man. He gives half his fortune (after at first saying, "a third" -- hard to change old habits, you know) to his new-found daughter and the other half to the orphanage. He furthermore invites the children of the orphanage to live on his estate. Now, I don't know about you, but I think that's how the world should work.