Car With a Brain


No race in this adventrue!


Good Guys Bad Guys
Speed Dr. McFife


Mach Five
Monster Car



The scene opens deep in the hills of Old Body, Scotland. It is a dark and stormy night... In the rain and lightning, we see a castle. Inside, as we move down a deep spiral staircase, a flute is heard. It is the once reknowned, and now mad, Dr. McFife. He has been waiting for 22 years for this night to bring completion to his work: to give life to the Monster Car. He's waiting for that powerful lightning strike to do the trick. [Hmm, does this sound vaguely familiar?? :-) ] As the gigantic car roars to life, Dr. McFife orders it into the countryside of Burrup County to do all the damage it can.

In a nearby town center, the Racer family is awakened by what they think is an earthquake or a war. It is, however, the Monster Car. As the hotel begins falling apart, the Racer family and Trixie run to escape. Speed runs to the parking garage in the basement to save the Mach Five, even though Pops tells Speed it's too dangerous.

As Speed gets in the Mach Five, the Monster Car comes crashing through the walls of the garage. Speed decides that this is the perfect to follow the Monster Car to see what it's up to. As the two cars are zooming down the road one of the many rocket engines on the back of the huge Monster Car ignites and tumbles the Mach Five backwards. It comes to rest on its side with Speed unconscious. Meanwhile, the army has sent many battle tanks to the scene to intercept the Monster Car, which is able to easily roll over and crush the tanks. Among the many things it destroys, one is the Tweed and Totten Grand Prix racing circuit -- the upcoming race that brought the Racers to town. The race has to be canceled because of the destruction of "the bonny racing circuit."

After the Racer family comes across Speed on the roadway, Sparky helps get the Mach Five upright again. Just then, policemen arrive asking Pops to come with them to police headquarters, so that he can help determine how the Monster Car was built and how it is controlled. Authorities, looking at map, notice that the Monster Car is crossing land and sea while heading for Burrup County. They notice that it must cross the Crooked Straits. It is decided that a submarine attack should take place there.

As the Monster Car arrives at the Crooked Straits, fighter jets attack, but their missiles are ineffective. The Monster Car has some sort of protective force field. The not-too-bright pilots then go in for a closer range attack, and the missiles are reflected right back at the planes destroying them. On the shore, the Monster Car knocks over a lighthouse, and then puts a retractable pipe into the earth. This was a refueling station for ships going to sea; the Monster Car is refueling before crossing the Crooked Straits. Speed takes the Mach Five underwater following the Monster Car. Soon, submarines arrive and fire torpedoes with no effect. The Monster Car then uses a ray gun to zap all the subs. Isn't all this violence great!? As the Monster Car surfaces, land missiles are fired at it, but the ol' Monster Fires back destroying them. During all this, our gal Trixie is flying overhead in her helicopter. She see one of the surviving subs surface with the Mach Five and Speed on its deck. (The Mach Five had been tumbled around a bit undersea during the fighting.) However, during his pursuit of the Monster Car, Speed was able to see that it had a large door on its underside.

During all the action, elsewhere scientists built a "rattler," a device which can temporarily scramble the workings of an electronic brain. McFife has also revealed to authorities that when the Monster Car reaches the city center, it will blow itself up. And to make a difficult situation even worse, as the Monster Car reaches the city, it kidnaps a little girl. Speed volunteers to board the Monster Car, save the little girl, and attach the rattler.

As the Mach Five catches up with the huge Monster Car, it is able to drive underneath where Speed uses the auto jacks to spring the Mach Five inside the Monster Car. He consoles the little girl, then sets to work planting the rattler and switching it on. A large jolt knock Speed and the girl down leaving them unconscious. Luckily, Spritle and Chim-Chim have again stowed away in the Mach Five. The come up and wake up Speed. Then they all get in the Mach Five and leave the Monster Car. No sooner is that done, then the Monster Car begins lurching, stops and blows up. Burrup County is saved!