Downloadable Papers

2016. Benjamin Bruening and Eman Al Khalaf, Reconstruction and Linear Order in ATB Movement and Parasitic Gap Constructions. [Download draft]

2016. Passive Do So. [Download draft (completely revised, 3/16/2016)].

2015. Eman Al Khalaf and Benjamin Bruening, Linear Order in Syntax: Selection in Coordination. [Download slides from talk presented at NELS 46, Concordia University, October 2015] [Download draft of paper]

2015. CPs Move Rightward, Not Leftward. [Download draft].

2015. Idioms, Anaphora, and Movement Diagnostics. [Download draft (updated 12/3/2015)].

2015. The Lexicalist Hypothesis: Both Wrong and Superfluous. [Download draft (updated 1/08/2016)].

2015. Selection, Idioms, and the Structure of Nominal Phrases with and without Classifiers. With Xuyen Dinh and Lan Kim (University of Delaware). [Download draft (updated 10/24/2015)]

2014. Depictive Secondary Predicates, Light Verb Give, and Theories of Double Object Constructions. (Paper accompanies poster presented at NELS 45, MIT.) [Download draft (revised 6/29/2015)].

2014. Subject-Verb Inversion as Generalized Alignment. [Download slides from recent talk] (updated October 2014)

2011. Pseudopassives, Expletive Passives, and Locative Inversion. [Download draft]

2007. Passamaquoddy as a Split Ergative Language and Its Consequences for Marantz's Ergative Case Generalization. [Download draft (12/2007)]

2007. On the Word Order of Quantificational Elements in Passamaquoddy. [Download handout from a recent talk]

2007. On Diagnostics of Structural Case and the Nature of Ergative Case. [Download draft (7/2007)]

2006. Discrepancies between Projection and Selection: Split Coordination and Raising to Object in Passamaquoddy. [Download draft]

2006. Against Predicate-Based Reflexivity: Anaphors as Subjects of Embedded Clauses. [Download handout from recent talk]

2006. The Morphosyntax and Semantics of Verbal Reciprocals. [Download draft]

2004. Split Coordination in Passamaquoddy. [Download rough draft]

2004. The Algonquian Inverse is Syntactic: Binding in Passamaquoddy. [Download draft]

2003. Split Coordination and Successive-Cyclic Movement in Passamaquoddy. WECOL, University of Arizona, September 2003. [Download handout]

2001. Raising to Object and Proper Movement. [Download draft]

1999. Morphological Templates and Phonological Opacity. Talk presented at the Second Mediterranean Meeting on Morphology, University of Malta. September 1999. [Download updated handout (used in a guest lecture for a phonology class at MIT)]