Dept. of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
(302) 831-4096
email: mylastname at udel dot edu


The focus of my linguistic research is syntax and its interactions with morphology and semantics. More specific interests include the following:

  • The syntax and morphology of the Algonquian languages Passamaquoddy-Maliseet and Mi'kmaq, spoken in Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada; see my Ph.D. dissertation, Syntax at the Edge: Cross-Clausal Phenomena and the Syntax of Passamaquoddy (MIT, 2001), available from MIT Working Papers in Linguistics;
  • Ditransitive constructions in various languages;
  • Auxiliaries and inversion in English;
  • The nature of reflexivity;
  • The syntax and semantics of reciprocals;
  • Wh-scope marking and wh-copying in the languages of the world;
  • The connection between morphology and phonology in Semitic languages;
  • Neurolinguistics and sentence processing;
  • Purely syntactic approaches to word formation.

Papers and publications can be found by following the links to the left.


The Syntax-Semantics Lab (SySeL) at the University of Delaware, co-organized with Satoshi Tomioka.

The Scope Fieldwork Project. This project, funded by the NSF, has created visual materials to aid in doing fieldwork on quantifiers and quantifier scope in other languages. The materials can be downloaded from the project web site.