Announcer, QSL card 1924

QSL the Globe 1934
Happy Op, QSL card 1934
Ragchewing ops, QSL card 1935
Brass pounder, QSL card 1935
Classy ops, QSL card 1936
Telegrapher, QSL card 1939

Shack/Op, qsl card 1946

CW op, qsl card
Phone op, qsl card 1954
Tinker, QST 6/1957, p. 181
QST 6/1957, cover

Proud Tinkerer, QST ca. 1960
(thanks to Larry W2LJ for scan)
Emergency Services, ARRL Handbook 1961
CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ..., ARRL Handbook 1961
Volunteer, ARRL Handbook 1961
WAS, ARRL Handbook 1961

At the Mill, 1972 Radio Amateur's Operating Manual