The Artwork of Phil Gildersleeve

"Gil Cartoon Service, West Hartford, Conn."

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This page is dedicated to the memory of Phil Gildersleeve and his wonderful ham artwork! I enjoy scanning in Gil's artwork and digitally cleaning it up using gimp.

The best and seemingly only information on Gil can be found in this mini biography by ham and cartoonist Jim N2EST. It is a nice web site overall as well.

If you have any of Gil's artwork you would like to have cleaned up and displayed here, please email me it and I'll do my best. It is best to scan at 600 dpi and save in a format like TIFF or PNG. Jpeg is lossy and its compression artifacts are difficult to clean up at best and impossible at worst, which is most of the time.

Click the links at the left to see some of his cartoons. I hope that this page will steadily increase in size. So please contribute raw scans or cleaned up ones, and I'll post them here.

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