Jayaraman Research Group, University of Delaware


The Jayaraman research group is lead by Prof. Arthi Jayaraman, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at University of Delaware. Our research interests lie in understanding molecular-level phenomena governing complex biological processes and material science problems using theoretical and simulation techniques.

Group as of December 2018

Group Research

Recent News

Prhashanna and Phillip's simulation-experiment joint paper with Kiick lab accepted in Biomacromolecules !

Ivan and Michiel's PRISM and MD paper on bottlebrush polymers gets accepted in Macromolecules!

Tom selected as a finalist in the APS Padden Symposium 2019! Tom also wins first place in the Excellence in Graduate Research in Polymers Symposium at the 2018 AICHE annual meeting!Congrats Tom!

UDaily highlights Arthi's teaching philosophy! LINK

Tyler (now at NIST) and Tom's paper on pyPRISM open source code for PRISM theory has been published in Macromolecules!

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