Jayaraman Research Group, University of Delaware


The Jayaraman research group is lead by Prof. Arthi Jayaraman, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at University of Delaware. Our research interests lie in developing and using molecular modeling, theory, and simulations to design new macromolecular materials with optimal structure, dynamics, and thermodynamics for target applications in energy, optics, photonics, and biomedical fields.

Current Research Themes in the Jayaraman Group

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Recent News

Open postdoc positions

Congratulations to Arthi for receiving the 2021 AIChE COMSEF Impact Award!

Congratulations to Michiel on the acceptance of his latest paper on Machine Learning Enhanced CREASE !

Congratulations to former PhD student, Dr. Thomas Gartner! He just accepted a tenure track position in the Chemical Engineering department at Georgia Tech!

Congratulations to Phillip for winning the best talk prize for his talk on collagen-like-peptide simulations at the 2021 MRS Spring meeting SM09: Peptide and Protein Design for Responsive Materials symposium!

Congratulations to Arjita for being selected to participate in the 3M RISE symposium this summer!

Congratulations to Michiel for successfully defending his PhD and landing a great position at Siemens!

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