Well, I've gotten quite a few things working on my Vaio.
I started with a base of Slack 10. I put on Kernel 2.6.9. Compiled into my kernel, I have agpgart, intel-agp, and radeon (this will give bizarre errors when trying to start drm if loaded as a module). Once the machine's up, I modprobe radeonfb and fbcon, and then change my font to 8x8, so I can jam tons of text on the vc's. ACPI and speed-tweaking options are helpful (but probably not critical). APM works, too, but you won't get as many features. The disk controller is an ICH4; the network controller is an intel 2200/pro; the onboard ethernet is eepro100; the cardbus socket is yenta; the onboard USB needs ehci_hcd and uhci_hcd (and possibly ohci_hcd); the firewire port needs the standard ieee1394 driver, and bluetooth is HCI off of the USB bus.
kernel config
modules loaded
boot log
X.org log
Don't forget sonypi/spicctrl if you want to change your LCD brightness and such!
Update! To save battery power, try wmlaptop.
If you want to use BlueTooth, see the Sony BlueZ page.

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