the pyromancer cam
  1. All down/damaged computers repaired
  2. All possible computer parts scavenged and assembled into working boxes
  3. All networkable machines networked
  4. Internet access to/from all networkable machines
  5. IPv6 to/from all networkable machines
  6. Tape/CDR robot
  7. Finish networking setup in dorm
  8. Temperature sensor array (sequential access via physical switching)
  9. Multics emulator
  10. VLAN
  11. Network-wide automated backups
  12. Network-wide user management
  13. Network-wide automatic security auditing
  14. Wireless and microwave links to friends (remove total Internet dependency)
  15. CPU / computer from scratch project

Additionally, here is a bookmarklet toy:

var a = location.href;
var b = a.indexOf("http://") ? a : a.substring(7);

location.href = "http://" + b.substring(0, b.indexOf("/")) +
  "" + b.substring(b.indexOf("/"));

Coral Cache
Yes, I know it could be optimized quite a bit, but, it works, and I'm lazy.

Google Cache

quick hack of simpy-search for murl

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