Dr. D. M. Muir (“Deeˮ) (he/they)

Dr. D. M. Muir (Dee)Assistant Professor of Marketing
Department of Business Administration
Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
University of Delaware

Office: 307 Lerner Hall
Email: muir@udel.edu
Phone: +1(302) 831-1787
Curriculum Vitæ


Professor Muir’s latest research focuses on using machine learning to understand (i) learning in consumer search patterns and (ii) latent consumer sentiment. Their interests extend to marketing pedagogy, with burgeoning research that develops and tests best practices for teaching new technologies in digital marketing and marketing analytics classes. Professor Muir teaches digital marketing and both developed and teaches the marketing analytics course to undergraduates and teaches marketing management, customer analytics, and digital marketing analytics to MBAs. They received their Ph.D. in applied economics with specialties in empirical industrial organization and quantitative marketing; M.A. in statistics; B.S. in economics with concentrations in finance and statistics; and B.A. in economics with honors, all from the University of Pennsylvania.




The Matthew Lynn and Edna J. Muir Heritage Project

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