Fort Monmout MARS/ARS Shack, 2010

I took the following photographs just prior to when the excellent US Army Fort Monmouth, New Jersey was shutdown forever.

Outside the Shack

"You Are Here." AB3AP, KB3RLI, and KB3KYB. Post Bowling Alley in background.

Part of the Antenna Farm

Log Periodic

The mighty rhombic, 700' long, over 2000' of wire, pointed at Europe
Pole is not tilted - artifact of my cheap camera!

Weather station



Inside the Shack


First floor, six studios numbered 2 through 7.

First floor hallway, wider view.

Dark shot of station call.

Antenna patch panel. Rhombic is middle left.

AB3AP in Studio 5 lovin' the rhombic!

Small fraction of Monmouth award plaques.

Field Day calcs in upstairs meeting room.

Stuff in the Shack

Old K2USA License.

Who ya gonna call?

Podium from decades back.

MARS CHOP (chief operator) name plate on stack of awards.

Rack of Cold War vintage Collins R390-A.

Collins R390-A closer.

Collins R390-A closer.

Shack closing soon, equipment being given away.

Upstairs classroom, back wall.

Part of huge collection of QSL cards.

Study your Preventive Maintenance!
I'm pretty sure this is the famous Connie Rodd character, 70s style. Anyone know?
Here is partially cleaned up version.

Fort Monmouth MARS History

The following articles were generously provided by Ms. M. Ziobro, CECOM LCMC Command Historian, US Army Fort Monmouth.

1949: MARS Shack (thanks for this to Bob W3NE!)
1953: MARS Bulletin
1954: AA2USA hits the air
ca 1955: MARS pamphlet
1958: CPT Carlsen logged
1958: New York Times EME article
1971: How to find MARS
1973: MARS 25th Anniversary
1992: Armed Forces Day
1995: MARS article
1994: MARS supports Haiti ops