CW Key-to-Rig Switch Box

This is an easy afternoon project to switch multiple cw keys between several rigs. If you've ever wanted to change keys on one rig or use one key on several rigs, this gadget makes it easy. Plug keys into the box inputs, and plug each of the box outputs into a rig. No need to fumble around behind the rigs to move a key from one to another or to swap paddles for a bug. Conceptually, this is what the box does:

No power is needed to the switch box since this project is purely mechanical. Now it's a snap to jump into a dx pileup at 30 wpm on the paddles, followed by a leisurely straight key chat. Hope you find it as useful as I do.

Mike AB3AP


Building Steps:

Here's the (nice & simple!) schematic:

Hook Up: Usage:

The keys are switches themselves, expensive ones, so there's no need to use another switch to select one. That's why they're all wired together at the input connectors. Simply use the rotary switch to choose a rig and then tap away on whichever key you like. (Don't forget to set your rig for keyer or hand key!)

2004 English Kent paddles, 1980s Soviet Army key, World War II US Lionel bug