Welcome to the site all about me, Meredith Greer. Enjoy!

What I Do

I manage tech communities at the University of Delaware. Public relations? Mhm. Social media? Yup. Project management. Ok. Events? Yea, baby! I am also fairly actively seeking a full time job.


Who I Am

Just a girl from central New York chilling in the Delaware Valley. I enjoy binging online streaming entities (what's up, Netflix), reading for fun, pretending I understand mixology, and MOBAs.


My Work

I've developed a unique background for my major by integrating art, persuasion and computer science into various projects, both academic and professional. Please feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or view/download my resume to see my prior experience in depth.

Say Hello.

Friends, family, recruiters, randos - don't be shy! Let me know how you're doing, ask me questions or just say hi. Hate having your email client pop up? Email me at mgreer@udel.edu.