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professor of philosophy @ the university of delaware

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Spring 2024
    PHIL 320: Theory of Knowledge

Fall 2024

Courses Taught:
    Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 102)
    Philosophies of Life (PHIL 100)
    Contemporary Moral Problems (PHIL 202)
    Theory of Knowledge (PHIL 320)
    Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 330)
    Senior Seminar: A Priori Justification (PHIL 465)
    Senior Seminar: Skepticism (PHIL 465)
    Senior Seminar: Intuitions in Philosophy (PHIL 465)
Senior Seminar: Time, Self, and Evidence (PHIL 465)
    Senior Seminar: Debunking and Disagreement (PHIL 465)


Current Research

a priori justification, intuitions in philosophical inquiry, confirmation theory and indexical credence, metaphilosophy



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Video of talk at the 2010 Formal Epistemology Workshop

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