News & Announcements!

January 2017: New USDA Grant funded to study release and fate of nutrients from stream bank legacy sediments

January 2017: Inamdar successfully hosts the AGU Chapman Conference in San Juan, PR! Our research group makes multiple presentations at the meeting.

December 2016: Erin, Chelsea, and Dan present their research at the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco.

September 2016: 3rd Annual Water Science and Policy Symposium held successfully!

Summer 2016: Richard Rowland and Catherine Winters successfully complete their MS degrees, Congratulations!

September 2015: 2nd Annual Water Science and Policy Symposium set for September 25, 2015 in Townsend Commons!

August 2015: UDaily story on our new USDA project investigating fate of particulate carbon and nitrogen following large tropical storms

July 2015: UDaily story on France Collaboration & Research

July 2015 - Erin Johnson and Chelsea Krieg join our research group as new MS students on the newly funded USDA grant.  Welcome Erin and Chelsea!

June 2015 - Inamdar makes return visit to Rennes, France to visit with researchers at the University of Rennes and CNRS and visit their study watershed - Kervidy-Naizin.  Inamdar provided an invited talk and developed new partnerships and collaborations. 

March 2015 - French scientists from University of Rennes visit our experimental research watershed to further strengthen the collaborations between UD and University of Rennes.  Drs. Jaffrezic and Jeanneau also gave an invited talk with the PLSC department on Dissolved organic matter in watersheds!  It was great to have them over.  We plan to make a return visit to France in June 2015!

January 2015 - Guillaume Humbert, PhD student from France, will visiting with our research group for the next 3 months!  Welcome Guillaume! During this time Guillaume will work with us to develop a PARAFAC model on his EEMs data.

December 2014 - Catherine and Doug presented their NEWRnet research at the AGU meeting!

December 2014 - Awesome news!  New USDA project funded! Grant will investigate the transport and fate of particulate nitrogen following large tropical storms.

August 2014 - Thomas Parr joins the group as Postdoc on the EPSCoR Track 1 grant. Welcome Thomas!

June 2014 - CONGRATULATIONS to Matt Bachman for successfully completing his MS degree in Water Science & Policy - the first graduate from the new program! Best wishes to him for his future endeavors!

Fall 2013 - Two new projects funded! One is a NSF-EPSCoR project in collaboration with researchers from Delaware, Vermont and Rhode Island whereas the other is a USDA project in collaboration with Dr. Rodrigo Vargas from U. of Delaware!

January 2014 - Inamdar visits tropical watershed sites in India - some of which are being considered as Critical Zone Observatories.

December 2013 - Research group makes multiple presentations at the 2013 Fall AGU meeting.

August 2013 - Dr. Art Gold from U. of Rhode Island visits Fair Hill watershed study sites.

August 2013 - Gurbir's Biogeochemistry paper is now "In Press"!  Congrats Gurbir!

April 2013 - Shatrughan Singh has successfully defended his MS thesis!  Congratulations Shatrughan! 

March 2013 - Inamdar gives invited talk on "Extreme storms and runoff C exports" at the 2013 Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY.

March 2013 - Inamdar returns from the US-Japan Catchment Science seminar in Hawaii after presenting an invited talk on group research! 

March 2013 - Gurbir's Geophysical Research Letters paper is now in "In Press"!  Congrats Gurbir!

February 2013 - Water Resources Research (WRR) paper is accepted and is now "In Press"!  

Feb 2013 - Rachael Vaicunas's paper comes out in print in JAWRA. Congrats Rachael!

December 2012 - AGU Meeting in San Francisco - Three presentations from our research group.  Inamdar gives invited talk on hormones and antibiotics.  

August 2012 - Gurbir successfully defends his MS thesis!  Congratulations Gurbir!  Gurbir leaves for Canada to pursue a PhD at University of Saskatoon (looks like he loves freezing weather!)

June 2012 - Fair Hill Experimental Watershed featured on UDaily - 

June 2012 - Kayla will be working with as an undergraduate intern this summer on our newest water quality project funded by USDA investigating the impacts of vegetation biodiversity on water quality. Welcome Kayla!

June 2012 - Matt Bachman joins our group as a MS student - Matt is a MS student through the new Water Science and Policy Program! Welcome Matt!  

May 2012 - Rachael graduates with MS degree! Congratulations Rachael!

April 2012: - Rachael Vaicunas is awarded the 2012 W.J. Benton Award for the Best MS Student in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources!!! CONGRATULATIONS Rachael! 

Nov 2011 : - European and US Scientists visit the Fair Hill Study Watershed (Nov 10, 2011) as a part of the SoilTrec ( conference held in Newark, DE!

Nov 2011: - Dr. Inamdar receives new grant from USDA to study how vegetation diversity impacts water quality and ecosystem services

New article from Fairhill Watershed research is published in Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences - the article is ranked in "Most Popular" articles!

Dr. Inamdar is the Director of the new Water Science and Policy Program

Sudarshan Dutta wins the 2011 Benton Award for best PhD student from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources!  Congrats Sudarshan!

Sudarshan Dutta successfully defends his PhD! 

Rachael Vaicunas wins best student poster award at the 2010 Annual AWRA Meeting!

Sudarshan Dutta's paper is cited by Journal of Environmental Quality!

Two new students join the Watershed Hydrochemistry Group this Fall 2010 - Weinan Pan and Gurbir Singh! Welcome aboard!

Dr. Inamdar & team return from study visit to India!

Article on India visit in the UD Review.

Sudarshan Dutta's article on hormones published in JEQ!

Sudarshan's JEQ article selected for Press Release!