Fair Hill Watershed Study   

Virtual Tour of the Study Watershed!


Location - In Piedmont region of Maryland, USA


Google Earth View of the study catchments


Study Catchments - drainage boundaries and tributaries:

Sampling locations in the 12 ha intensive study watershed


Three-dimensional wetness index map for the 12 ha study watershed (dark blue pixels indicate more wetness)


Photos of sampling devices and locations

Rain gage (inside forest canopy)


Throughfall samplers


Stemflow samplers


Tension lysimeters


Groundwater wells in the valley bottom


Parshall Flume at 12 ha catchment outlet (view looking downstream) - ISCO sampler box on left


ISCO sampler for stream runoff at 12 ha catchment outlet




Forest floor in Spring (April)


Saturation overland flow in spring (April) along drainage path


Forest (beech, maple, poplar) canopy in autumn (November)


Dried-up stream tributary in the 12 ha catchment during the driest time of the year - September!



Skunk cabbage in the valley bottom wetlands in early spring (April)


Streamflow runoff in the 12 ha forested catchment during a storm event! (note the mixing of dark colored water on the left and the sediment rich plume on the right)


Upland soil profile in the 12 ha catchment


Soil profile in the valley bottom (note the redoximorphic features)


Stream tributary at the larger 79 ha scale during low flow conditions


Microstegium Vimineum (Japanese stilt grass) invasion in the understory of the forest!