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About the Blue Hen Poll

This is the official information site for the 2009 Blue Hen Poll (BHP) project. The BHP is a public opinion survey designed to examine the attitudes and opinions of students at the University of Delaware (UD). The BHP is planned, marketed, and presented by UD students with faculty supervision. The goals of the project are to 1) inform the UD community (including on-campus, Newark, and surrounding areas of Newark) about what UD students think, how they feel, and what they do, 2) provide an outlet for students to have their opinions heard, and 3) to provide a social research opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about survey methodology and quantitative analysis. Currently, the project is run as part of a Public Opinion, Politics, and Society (POSC 318) course.


The BHP is supported by generous funding from the University of Delaware's Social Sciences and History division in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and International Programs , the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Department of Political Science and International Relations.

Methodology and Design

The 2009 Blue Hen Poll focused on full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the Newark, DE campus as its population of interest. The topics on the poll were determined by students in an undergraduate political science and international relations course (POSC 318 - Public Opinion, Politics, and Society), and by the editors and staff at the UD Review student newspaper.  The Office of Institutional Research and Planning provided a random sample of 2,500 students—2,000 undergraduates and 500 graduate—from our population of interest. The research group decided on a web survey as the method of data collection because of the relatively low costs of involvement, and high convenience for both the research team and the students taking the survey. On March 16th, pre-notification emails were sent to the sample informing them that they had been randomly selected to take part in the "Blue Hen Poll," a "student designed" survey.

The actual survey link was emailed to the random sample on March 17th, and remained available until midnight on April 15th, 2009. Throughout the fielding period the sample received a total of five "reminder" notifications, two in the first seven days, March 18 and March 23), one in the second week (March 26), one before spring break (April 6), and a final reminder email during the last week the survey was in the field (April 12). Each of the reminders included a link allowing them to be removed from any further notifications; only 165 respondents "opted-out" of receiving further emails..

Approximately 1,010 students responded to the survey, a response rate of 40.4%. Of those students who responded to the survey, 86% completed the entire survey. In terms of accuracy, other things being equal, based on our sample size, our population size, and a 95% confidence level, we can estimate that the margin of error (MOE) for our study is + or - 3%. This means that we are 95% confident the results from our sample will fall within 3% of the true population.

PDF version of the Full Methodology Report


PDF version of the 2009 BLUE HEN POLL Questionnaire

Take the 2009 BLUE HEN POLL (this data will not be combined with the current data)


PDF versions of tables of responses from the 2009 Blue Hen Poll (Overall)

PDF versions of tables of responses from the 2009 Blue Hen Poll (By Graduate and Undergraduate Status)

May 5th Public Release Presentation Slides (Power Point slides in PDF format)

Public Event "Poll Brief" Handout

News about the Blue Hen Poll

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Contact and Further Information

For more information about this research or about the rights of research participants, or in case of research-related concerns, contact the Blue Hen Poll Research Team at bluehenpoll@udel.edu, the faculty supervisor David C. Wilson at dcwilson@udel.edu or 302-831-1935, or the Chair of the University of Delaware Human Subject Review Boards, University Of Delaware, Newark, DE  19716, 302-831-2136.