1. National Science Foundation, DMR 0643226
    Title: CAREER: Mechano–Responsive Biomaterials with Controlled Architectures and Improved Mechanical Properties via Biomimetic Strategies
  2. National Institutes of Health, NIDCD, R01 DC008965
    Title: Tissue Engineering of Vocal Fold Lamina Propria
  3. National Institutes of Health, NCRR 2P20 RR017716
    Title: COBRE: Molecular Design of Responsive Biomaterials
  4. Delaware Health Science Alliance (DHSA) Pilot Project
    Title: Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery for Childhood Leukemia
  5. National Institutes of Health, NIDCD R01 DC011377
    Title: Highly Resilient, Hydrophilic Bioelastomers for Engineering Vocal Fold Tissue
  6. National Science Foundation, CHE 1213728
    Title: Directing Nanoscale Assembly of Peptide–Containing Multiblock Polymers
  7. National Institutes of Health, NIDCR R01 DE022969
    Title: Functional Assembly of Salivary Cells to Relieve Xerostomia
  8. National Science Foundation, DMR 1206237
    Title: Bioactive Scaffolds with Elastomeric Properties for the Engineering of Mechanically Active Tissues
  9. DuPont Company
    Title: DuPont Young Professor Award