Genealogical Research Methods [G08] and
Genealogy, Computer Workshops [G09/G10] (Spring 2010)
@ Academy of Lifelong Learning
University of Delaware
Syllabi Below
for Lecture/Lab (Workshop)
Reader Logo Class Slides Class#,Date,Topic
1. Feb 12, 2009
Where do I start?
Interview family,
Record-keeping: Forms:, Misbach
Bring flash drive or CD to save data/reports
Tour class web site
Types of Records
Rules of Evidence
What can you believe?
Top Web Resources
Lab:Database Access:
Census, Passengers

2.Feb 19 Census(b/w):
U.S./Canada/UK (subs)
German, Irish 1911,
Argentina 1895,
Mexico 1930 (coming)

Searching techniques (b/w), HeritageQuest (b/w)
Lab: Census: Blank Census Forms

3. Feb 26 Other Images and Databases (b/w): WWI/WWII draft, passport applications, passenger lists, city directories, HS yearbooks
Lab: Census(b/w):
PERSI: journal articles,
20,000 books,
RevWar pensions

4. Mar 5 Local Gov. Records (b/w):
deeds, court (probate, orphans, chancery, common pleas, superior)
Lab: Finding Places
US/World GenWeb
Cyndi's List
LDS Library Catalog

5. Mar 12 Local Gov. Records (b/w): (cont.)
Finding Local Gov. Records

6. Mar 19 Local Gov. Records (b/w): (cont.)
Delaware Timeline
Other Local Resources
vitals (church, cemetery, newspapers, bibles, "mug books")
Find People: See Surname in center frame

7. Mar 26 Local Gov. Records (b/w): (cont.)
Immigration and Naturalization
(b/w ):
Foreign Town/Origin Example: Leopold Jacobs and Theresia Melchior
..Foreign Records?
..U.S. Sources best Software Review(b/w):
LDS Personal Ancestry File free,
Legacy 6.0 free,
FTM $30 top selling,
TMG $79 top rated, Mac: MacFamilyTree
v5.4.2 $49
Reunion $99, PAF demo by Jack Worton
Lab: Foreign Records Immigration Search

Apr 2: No Class - Spring Break

8. Apr 9 Immigration (cont) (b/w):
Foreign Town/Origin Example: Leopold Jacobs and Theresia Melchior: Searching in German church/civil records
Finding Cousins(b/w)
(see Cousins >>)
Social Security Death
Your genealogy done?
LDS Family Search
AncestryWorldTree: UD
Rootsweb: color(b/w)
US GenWeb;World:UK
CousinConnect color b/w
GenealogyTrails color b/w
LostCousins, DeadFred
G oo gl e: images
Search genealogies, histories:
Cousins in Potpourri
Finding Cousins(b/w)
Bring your surnames (esp. your brickwalls) to see if your cousins have already researched your family line. HowRelate?

9. Apr 16 Immigration (cont) (b/w):
Foreign Town/Origin Searching in German church/civil records
Where Do I Put It So I Can Find It Again?
Organizing your stuff:
Paper Piles
TD Surnames, Sources
..recording sources:
....short form
..what about images?
Try to Find a Cousin (b/w) Bring your family surnames to see if your cousins have already researched your family line. How Relate?

10. Apr 23 Reading Old Handwriting;(b/w):
class transcribing
Lab: Lessons on the Web: See Transcribing near bottom of center frame

11. Apr 30 Historical Newspapers (b/w)
Stories from the Newspapers:
A Man Called Joe

Black and White,
but Colorful

When did he die?
Lab: Historical Newspapers (b/w): Accessible Archives;
Historical Timelines:
also see Cyndi's List

12. May 7:
Family Naming Patterns

Legacy Software Kim Paterson Demo (b/w)
Migration Within U.S.
Medical: diseases
Misc: abbreviations, occupations
New England Doc: NH,
Military records:
service, pension,
bounty lands
Tracking Ancestors: census, vitals, city directory, tax;
following neighbors
Lab: Searching New Web Sites from Class
Legacy Genealogical Software Computer Workshop:
If interested, bring info on a few realtives (parent, child, step-parent) in a family group, a few events (census, land, death) and a few sources for those events and we'll help you get started.

13. May 14: DNA Future of the Past (b/w)
Genetic Genealogy (b/w) by Tom Keane
Solving Brickwalls:
of Classmates
Lab: Building Your Own Web Site (b/w)

Where to Look for:
Other Genealogies
Vitals (b,m,d,burial),
Which is the original?
Where they lived,
Foreign Town of Origin
Military, Prosperity
Community, History
The Person's Character

Preservation of books, documents and photos
Left frame updated:
June 27, 2009
f5, s6, f6, s7, f7, s8, s9,
TD Surnames, Sources

Top Resources: Cyndi's List (Family Tree)
New Search Tips: Blog, Videos
Try Indexing: Eastman View
Current Projects, FAQ, Learn, Research Wiki
FamSearchCenters; PAF+Software,
Film: Catalog; Order Films
Other Useful Links:
G oo gl e;, AL, HQ
MapQuest, News, Thesaurus
VL, Wikipedia, Wiktionary
fold3, US GenWeb: Site Map
WorldGenWeb: e.g. UK
From Arsht Hall directly to:
UD Genealogy Databases:
1.Click on Blue Hen below:
2.Click on a database link
3.Click on "Connect" button

Arsht Direct Database Link:
Amer. Hist. Newspapers,
Ancestry Library Edition,
NY Times, Wall St.J
Off-campus or Home direct to:
Amer. Hist. Newspapers,
Ancestry Library Edition,
NY Times, Wall St.J, VL
Must then enter UDelNetID# &
..password, then click "Login"

All Univ. of DE Databases
Univ. of Delaware Library:
Special Collections
Subjects: Genealogy
DE Bibliography

Also see:activate UDelNetID#,
UD register wireless laptop
Activating UDelNetID/password Change UDelNetID/password
Find It
SSH (Using), Your Web Site: Web Mail; Change Disk Quota;
Mozilla: set homepage
Free software downloads, e.g. McAfee Antivirus (info on McAfee), Spider, Eraser
Other Free Downloads:
pdf995 software no ads:$9.95,
HTML edit:NoteTabLight5.5
Gadwin PrintScreen Capture Word2000html add-on
Other UD Databases::
DE Newspaper Project:
.. Extant issues locally
.. Old Newspapers at UD
.. Orphans 1790-1830,
.. Tax1798/CityDirectories

Other Databases::
DE Libraries (free):
[census, PERSI, RevWar
20K fam/loc hist books
Accessable Archives
Godfrey Library ($35)
Historical Newspapers:
Brooklyn (1841-1902)
Early American, EBSCO
PA Gazette(1728-1800)
G oo gl e; MapQuest,, Wikipedia Wiktionary, Thesaurus

Delaware Resources:: [DGS LOGO] DGS(click logo) Research Guide
Web Links

Search DGS Queries
Delaware Surnames
Delaware Timeline
Delaware 1775 Map
Delaware Hundreds
Delaware Towns Publications
Delaware Families
.. (1787-1800)
.... Taxes 1787-1800
.... Orphans' Court
.... Newspapers
Delaware GenWeb:
... New Castle
... Kent, Sussex
Other Repositories
Nearby State/Co Links
Other DE Databases:: Historical Society:
.. Genealogies
State Archives
.. Collections
.. Probates to 1925
.. Schedule of Events Delaware Library Catalog
In Green Bar, click:
1. Digital Collections
2. Hyperion Hierarchy
3. Delaware Public Archives
4. Digital Delawareana
...for following databases:
....(use Internet Explorer)
....(allow pop-up windows)
Dutch/Swedes 1609-64
Swedes on the Delaware
Delaware Place Names
Delaware Role WWII
Washington 1777 Army
Hist of DE 1609-1888
Professional Research:
.. BCG: Certification
* OR install "Proxify" button:
may be easier when timed out
1. click here, then click
2. browser "Proxify" button
3. enter UDelNetID & pass-
. word; click "Submit Query"
to install "Proxify" button
[1st adjust for XP, javascript]
other proxify info
or Mozilla w/proxify button
Other Newspapers:
By state; Indexes;
Library of Congress:free
ProQuest Archiver:
Historical Newspapers
Link from newspaper site:
...1849-1923 pay
ChrSciMon(1908-96) free
HartCour (1764-1984)
IrishTimes (1859-2008)
LA Times(1881-1986)
NY Times(1851-2006):UD
choose Advanced Search; most $3.95/pdf with volume discounts (see links above)
may get free access from a university or public library
others available: search!
Guardian (1821-2003)6/08
Observer (1791-2003)6/08
Civil War (1840-65)

Right frame updated:
October 24, 2014

Genealogical Research Methods [G08] Lecturer: Tom Doherty
Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm, Room 203, immediately
followed by the Genealogy, Computer Workshop [G10/G09]
Instructors: Frank Czeiner & Linda McMeniman(202) / Tom Doherty(214)
Thursdays 2-3:20pm, Computer Lab Rooms 202 and 214
Then attend the extracurricular Genealogy Interest Group [X06] Room 213
Leaders: Dick Burns & Linda McMeniman Thursdays 3:20-4:20pm,
This web page is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution or finer.
See left, center and right frames. The larger center frame has tan background.
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Our Goal is to Help You Find Your Ancestors
with One-on-One Help in Lab
<<< For copies of class slides, click on links in left column
How to Start: 1.Talk to Relatives
2. Find Original Images for free at
Find every available census image for each ancestor: Search
: click Blue Hen at right, enter UD ID#/password >>
..U.S. 1790-1930 census (every-name index)
....State Censuses NY 1892,1905; WI 1895,1905
..Canada overview NB, NS, ON, QB 1851 [1871:index only (no images)],
...... 1881 [index], 1911
..UK (except Ireland) with every-name index 1841-1901
.... Scotland index only 1841, 1851, 1861 so far
..Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1819, 1867, 1890, 1900
Other Original Images at Ancestry (catalog)
Passenger Lists - many linked to ship images:
- Baltimore (1820-1948), Boston (1820-1943),
- New York (1850-91,1935-8), Philadelphia (1800-1945), many more

War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index 1812-1815
WW I draft registration (males born 1872-1900),
WW II draft registration (males born 1872-1900),
1890 Census substitutes: City Directories
..Chicago voter registration 1888, 1890, 1892
..City Directories (ME,MA,CT) (mainly 1900-50)
High School yearbooks (selected 1860s-1960)
Other Ancestry Databases (not images):
...Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, V.1-9 (1884-95)
...Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly 1963-97
3. HeritageQuest Census Images
For highest quality US census copy, print to tif or pdf (pdf995):
keep ancestry image on screen, open 2nd browser window:
go to Delaware Public Library, then click on either
New Castle Co, then "HeritageQuest", enter borrower ID#/pin#
(free to DE residents or check your own public library) or
Wilmington, then RESEARCH DATABASES, choose branch,
enter borrower ID#, then "HeritageQuest, "then "Census".
Then search/browse for same census image as in ancestry,
download pdf to PC or Mac and print pdf by selecting entire image
(or any part thereof) using camera icon to draw a rectangle around choice.
Also try Chester Co or Delaware Co PA Libraries,
choose HeritageQuest, then enter card#
Other Original Images at HeritageQuest
Revolutionary War Pension Files
Friedmans Bank - many newly freed slaves named (1865-74)
25,000 genealogy/history books; PERSI (1.6M articles)
Original Images (Pay Sites) U.S. National Archives Records [5 yr contract]
Pennsylvania Archives 16251880 [free]
GenealogyBank ($70/yr):[partial image free]: over
11,700 Books 1801-1900,
114,000 Government Documents 1789-1980,
1300 Newspapers 1690-1977 (see Newspapers below)

Other General Searches
Cyndi's List- Exceptional! over 260,000 links in 180+ categories
to all that's genealogical and historical

USGenWeb: State Links, Search Archives
-- a direct route to almost every U.S. county,
WorldGenWeb (Regional Links), Country Links
-- a direct route to almost every country and jurisdictions
Latter-day Saints church: Ancestor Search (includes IGI),
-- Library Catalog and other resources
-- Microfilm to Digital Image Project (Beta Test)
Steve Morse's One-Step Portal for Web Genealogy Searches
- Census (US): 1790-1940; NY State: 1905-25;
- Census (Foreign): Canada 1856-1911; British: 1841-1911
- One Step: Ancestry Library Ed, County from Town/State
- Immigration to US: 1820-1957 w Castle Garden,Ellis Island
-- Baltimore1820-1958,Boston1820-1943,Galveston1893-1948
-- Philadelphia 1800-1945, San Francisco 1893-1957,
-- Canada 1895-1956, German 1850-1897, Hamburg 1850-1934
-- Italian 1855-1900, Russians 1834-1897,
- Montreal city directories 1842-1978, Maps,Aerial Photos
- Find Where SSN Issued, Zip Code, NYC Vitals
Some Library and Other Databases
Godfrey Library (free to $35) many + historical newspapers
New England [for members: NEHGR 1849-1994]; Canada
Allen Co (IN) Public Library 2nd to LDS (PERSI origin)
U.S. National Archives: Microfilms, holdings, hours
RootsWeb, NewsGroups,
G oo gl e It!: Books (choose "Full view"), Images, Earth Maps
Alphabetical Potpourri of Searches
Table of Contents: Archives, Books, Calendars, Census, Cemetaries, Court Records, Cousins, Foreign Records, Genetics/DNA, Handwriting, Immigration, Indexes for Web search, Land/Deeds, Maps, Medical, Military, Misc, Naming Patterns, Naturalization, Newsletters, Newspapers, Photos/Images, Society Sites, Surnames, Tax, Transcribing, Vital Records, Web Sites

Archives: Manuscripts/Databases State Images: Delaware, Illinois
Pennsylvania Digital Archives: newspapers,vitals,etc.
Maryland State Archives: Search, Search Catalog;
Archives of Maryland OnLine Deeds(Images): 1669-2005
Missouri State Archives: on-line databases: pre-1910 Birth/Death
Digital Images: Death 1910-57, StLouis Probate 1802-1900
New Hampshire State Papers (40 vol.): probates to 1800,
military, land grants, etc.
; Virginia Online
UD Databases: National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections;
Digital Bibliography of Delaware
ArchivesUSA index of ca 5600 repositories 160K collections
of primary sources
; Early American Imprints 1639-1800;
ArchiveGrid (pay) museums, libraries, colleges
Burned Counties - and how to "track 'em down" anyway

Books: How to Find Them
G oo gl e Books (choose "Full view"), Heritage Quest
Libraries: WorldCat, DelCat, DE Libraries

Calendars: 10,000 Years: Weekday, Convert Age to Birth Date,
Time Between Dates, Old vs New Style

Cemetaries Tombstone Images:
FindaGrave: over 32M, Gravematter: mostly New England tombstones (pay)

Census: U.S. Clues: 1790-1840, 1850-1930, 1890 Fate
.. Canada overview Census on Microfilm (Interlabrary Loan), On-line
... Census Images: 1851(NB,NS,ON,QB - no index); 1881 (all); 1891
... 1901(all); 1906 (only AB,MB,SK); 1911 (also
.. England/Wales/Channel&IsleMan: images 1841-1901 ; free 1911 index, pay to view
.. Scotland: full transcription 1841-1901 (;
Indeces: Canada: 1871(ON); 1881(all)
LDS Microfilm to Digital Image Project:
Argentina 1895, Mexico 1930 (coming)
Also see (above)
.Ireland: before 1901 destroyed; 1911 Griffiths 1848-1864
.Scotland Census 1841-1901 & Vital Records Images (pay site)

Court Records: SalemCoMA 1636-1686,YorkCoME 1686-1760
.. Probate : Delaware 1600s-1900s, ChesterCoPA 1821-1942

Cousins: (Onomastics):
Searching (b/w): Social Security Death Index (SSDI);
LDS: Library Catalog, International Genealogical Index (igi), GenealogyTrails; CousinConnect; FamilyTreeDNA Projects
Cyndi's List; G oo gl e: also images
Lost Cousins: in 1841 British, 1880-1 US/Canada/British census
Brigham Young: >25,000 searchable books at LDS Salt Lake Library
... history: town, county, society, family
Misc: GenealogyToday: funeral cards, ration books, clubs, etc see right frame below Blue Hen
PERSI/books (HeritageQuest): Delaware Public Libraries
MyHeritage: searches >1500 web databases (Internet Explorer only)
Rootsweb: Homepage, Newsgroups: Surnames

Foreign Records(also Census, Immigration, Military, Naming):
WorldGenWeb (Regional Links), Country Links
...Canada: Archives; ThatsMyFamily AmCamGenSoc
UK/Ireland: English Expert Links(free), OriginsNetwork(pay)
ScotlandsPeople (pay:vitals/wills)

Genetics/DNA: Genographics Project, FamilyTreeDNA

Handwriting: see Transcribing

Immigration: General, Immigrant Origins: by U.S. County 1880-2000:
Naturalization: DE
British Emigrants 1890-1960; to Canada 1865-1935
Searching Passenger Lists in One Step,
New York City: Castle Garden 1830-1913,
Ellis Island 1892-1924;
Also see (above)

Indexes for On-line searches:,

Land/Deeds: Images: Deeds: Salem MA, Maryland: 1669-2005
Vermont: 1850-ca.1901 (in LDS Beta Test); Virginia
Patents/Grants: US Bureau of Land Management; PA,VA,TX

Maps: Library of Congress - digitized old maps;
County: Northeast, Southeast, County Formation 1643+
Sanborn(1867-1970):Delaware:UD Database(pdf), New Eng
Old New England, MapQuest, Google Earth: satellite view
Map Your Ancestors

Medical: Archaic Terms: Diseases: #2, #3

Military: Revolutionary War: Cornell Making of America
American Loyalists
Civil War: LSU: battles, soldiers, maps, diaries,
General: Illinois: Civil War Muster
Canada: RevWar soldier/widow Pension Images(NB)
Also see (above)

Miscellaneous: Encyclopedia of Genealogy - Wikipedia-like
Reports, e.g. enter "history town (or company name)"; Genealogica Codicil Political Graveyard
rootstelevision: Photo Restore, Google Family Tree, CyndisList;
Abbrev, #2; Occupations: #2, #4; Face Recognition

Naming Patterns in Families: General, Colonial America,
English, Scot, Irish, Welsh, German, Italian, Colonial,
English/Welsh 1700-1870,Scot 1700s,Irish 1800s,Old German
English,Irish,French,German,Spanish,Arabic, Indian,African
Nicknames:#1, #2; Popular 1880s->Now

Naturalization: (free) Oconto Co WI

Newsletters: (free) RootsWeb NewsGroups,
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Plus version: $20/yr

Newspapers: Available by state; Newspapers/Indexes on Web;
... also search [UD] and Godfrey Library ($35/yr)
UD Newspaper Database Images:
Accessible Archives 1700s-1800s, African American 1800s,
America's Historical Newspapers 1690-1876 (over 500K issues),
... may include all of GenBank's Historical Newspapers (below)
Brooklyn Eagle 1841-1902, Cecil Whig 1870-74,
London Gazette 17521979, London Times 1785-1985,
Missouri (Historic) Newspapers 1859+,
NY Times 1851-2003 (ProQuest),
Wall St Journal 1889-1989(ProQuest)
Fulton History then Enter, Press here; free NY newspapers
Library of Congress free
Pay: ($95.88/yr): >74M pages
Pay: ProQuest see list in frame at right
Pay: GenealogyBank ($70/yr): >214M records
including 1400 Newspapers 1690-1977 (500,000 issues), e.g.
...Baltimore Sun: 6/11/1850-7/24/1900, 5/17/1837-2/22/1901
...Delaware Gazette: 4/19/1814-2/22/1820
...Philadelphia Inquirer: 11/07/1860-12/31/1922
may all be in UD Newspaper Database Images (see above)

Photos/Images: DeadFred; Facial Recognition
Google Images: try Advanced Image Search
Photo Detective Blog: including photos and videos

Society Sites: Delaware, Virginia Eastern Shore
New England: Register 1847-1994, Sanborn maps

Surnames: (Onomastics):
Searching (b/w): Social Security Death Index (SSDI);
LDS: Library Catalog, International Genealogical Index (igi); GenCircles, GenealogyTrails; CousinConnect; FamilyTreeDNA Projects
Cyndi's List; G oo gl e: also images
Lost Cousins: in 1841 British, 1880-1 US/Canada/British census
Brigham Young: >25,000 searchable books at LDS Salt Lake Library
... history: town, county, society, family
Misc: GenealogyToday: funeral cards, ration books, clubs, etc see right frame below Blue Hen
PERSI/books (HeritageQuest): Delaware Public Libraries
MyHeritage: searches >1500 web databases (Internet Explorer only)
Rootsweb: Homepage, Newsgroups: Surnames
Census Name Distribution:
1850,80; 1920, 1990; 1990(phone)

Tax: Maryland 1783, Virginia 1790,1800

Transcribing: ; Diary: practice transcribing; Reading Old Handwriting;
Kip Sperry, "Reading Early American Handwriting";
Old Handwriting Styles: LDS microfilm digitizing/transcribing
English Handwriting 1500-1700, Misc Old English;
Scotish Handwriting; German Script
Western & Central Europe 16-19th Century
Also see and LDS Indexing Project

Vital Records: Obtaining by State: Death Certificates Online:
By State or By State-2: Illinois BMD, New England: MA vitals (1841-1910)
WilmingtonDE Catholic, Kentucky wed/death (1911-86);
Missouri pre-1910 Birth/Death
Marriages: Maine 1892+, New Jersey 1848-67, Quebec,
U.S. Census Mortality Schedules
Social Security Death Index: 99.9% of database 1962+
...updated monthly or weekly [GenBank (pay)] >1 bill. names in >7,000 databases
Digital Deaths: Missouri pre-1910,
Certificates: Kentucky1911-86, Missouri 1910-57,
Philadelphia 1803-1915

FindaGrave; PublicRecordsPro: pay site

Web Sites: 50 top Web sites

center frameMay 9, 2009
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