Wayward Doc (book to be)
M.D. (1850 Dartmouth College)
Col. S. H. Melcher 1828-1915
Tom's 2-greats-grandfather
Civil War Surgeon: saved lives
and limbs with no amputations.

Head of 5 Missouri war hospitals
Head LaGrange TN Freedmen's Bank
Bankrupt; losing eyesight (1868)
Blind Dakota Territory Pioneer
SD physician's certificate (1885)

1st wife Martha Ranlet 1832-1885
Tom's 2-greats-grandmother
"He loves his prostitutes. I'll
never live with him again."(1876)

2nd wife Christine Erickson 1857-1916
Norwegian immigrant. "He sold my land. I will never visit with that man again, nor read his letters."(1899)