Kepner-Tregoe Templates
(Copyright Kepner-Tregoe, Inc., 1994. Reprinted with permission.)

Situation Analysis
Situations / Problems / Projects Timing
(H,M, L)
(H,M, L)
(PA ,DA, or PPA)

1. Narrow to one Project Concept H M H DA
2. Have more then one weekly meeting H H H PA/DA/PPA
3. Work as a team H H H PA/DA/PPA
4. Look around for materials  H L H DA
5. Find a workshop to use M L L DA
6. Not complicated to build L L H DA
7. Inexpensive materials L M M DA
8. Find a good site to test L H L DA
9. More benchmarking L M L PA/DA/PPA
10. Find a third grader to test L L L PA/DA/PPA