My most recent book is

             REASONS AND PURPOSES (Oxford University Press, 2003), paperback 2005.
            This OUP site also has a link to a downloadable copy of the first chapter of this book.

Previous books:


        DESIRE: Its Role in Practical Reason and the Explanation of Action  (MIT Press, 1995).

        THE IDEA OF A REASON FOR ACTING  (Mellen Press, 1989).

Some recent papers of mine:

"Interpretative Explanations"appeared in New Essays in the Explanation of Action, edited by Constantine Sandis, Palgrave Macmillan 2009

“The Humean Theory of Motivation Rejected”, appeared in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 1, January 2009.
The definitive version is available at

"Is It Really Possible to FollowOne's Conscience?" appeared in American Philosophical Quarterly, January 2007