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Antibiotic Plates

Selection Plates:

Ampicillin  75 ug/ml
Carbenicillin Plates  -  75 ug/ml
Trimethoprim/Carbenicillin Plates  - 75 ug/ml each.

Autoclave  1 liter of LB + 15 g agar
Cool to 50oC

Ampicillin Plates:Add 1 ml of 75 mg/ml Ampicillin stock

Carbenicillin  Plates: Add 1 ml of 75 mg/ml Carbenicillin stock

Trimethoprim/Carbenicillin Plates: Add 1.5 ml of 50 mg/ml Trimethoprim
                                                    plus 1 ml 75mg/ml Carbenicillin stock

Pour plates and allow to dry for 1-2 days before use.

Dissolve Ampicillin (sodium salt)  in H2O at 75 mg/ml - filter sterilize
Dissolve Carbenicillin (sodium salt)  in H2 O at 75 mg/ml - filter sterilize.
Dissolve Trimethoprim in 50%Chloroform/50% Ethanol at 50 mg/ml