Chavín de Huántar

Black and White Portal, June 2007
black and white portal

site photos tello obelisk black and white portal

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Papers Presented and Scholarly Meetings
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Chavín de Huántar
Ancash, Peru

View of the archaeological site from the trail, 285 WNW of the old temple.

Old Temple


Underground chambers

Underground chambers

Square plaza, new temple

Black and White Portal, new temple

New temple

New temple

Tendon Head

Tendon Head

San Pedro Cactus

Mosna River

Tello Obelisk, Chavín de Huántar
Reconstruction by Dr. Peter G. Roe
Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware, USA
June, 2007

Chavin Tello Obelisk Female Reconstruction

Chavin Tello Obelisk Male Reconstruction