Benjamin Parrell



I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware in the department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science and a faculty member in the Biomechanics and Movement Science Program. I am also the director of the Speech, Phonetics, and Phonology lab in the Linguistics & Cognitive Science department. I study speech production, and the relationship between the abstract, cognitive system (language), speech motor behavior, and brain function.

My current research has three main branches. The first focuses on the role of the cerebellum in speech motor control, both in healthy speakers and patients with ataxic dysarthria, a motor speech disorder associated with damage to or degeneration of the cerebellum. The second examines mechanisms of learning in speeech motor control and their neural substrates. The third is the development of a computation model of speech motor control based on feedback control. I am also interested in the use of feedforward and feedback systems in speech motor control, control of time and movement duration in speech, and feedback control in motor systems more generally.

Previously, I worked a post-doctoral researcher in the Psychology department at the University of California, Berkeley, working with Prof. Rich Ivry in the Cognition and Action lab and Prof. John Houde in the UCSF Speech Neuroscience lab . I completed my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Southern California. While at USC I was a member of the USC Phonetics Lab, the Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge group (SPAN), and the Hearing and Communication Neuroscience program. My doctoral research focused on the roles of phonology, prosody, and the motor system on the spatio-temporal realization of speech gestures.