ARTH467/667 - Art and Conquest in the New World


Prof. Monica Dominguez
Office Location: 309
Old College
Office Hours: Tuesday
3-4 pm



This course presents a critical examination of the monuments and art works created in the New World after the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. Thematically organized, the seminar focuses on the dynamics of power that took place within the artistic production of the Americas from 1492 until the late 1700s. Instead of finished, univocal products, we will look at colonial artistic expressions as nets of voices, where European and native elements blended to create new forms of adaptation, resistance, and identity.








Research & Language Skills

This seminar offers an opportunity to conduct research in a novel and promising field. Reading proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese would prove very helpful, but it is not mandatory. Many primary sources have already been translated into English language -- you will find a short list in the bibliographic guide below. However, I encourage you to locate other materials and sources on your own. You can always come to my office hours for help handling your research finds.



Since class discussion is a key element for a seminar, each week I will provide a list of readings to be discussed in the next session. Photocopies of those readings will be available at the Art History department (318 Old College).


Feb 18

Feb 25

Mar 3

Mar 10

Mar 17

Mar 31

Apr  7

Apr 14



There will be two main assignments throughout the term:

a research paper (45%)
a 20-minute presentation in class (35%)

The remaining 20% of the final grade would be assessed taking into account attendance and class participation.



Feb 11                                     ● Introduction to the course

Feb 18                                     ● The “Conquest” and its historiographic paradigms 

Feb 25                                     ● The Territorial Conquest                

Mar 3                                       ● The Urban Conquest

Mar 10                                     ● The Spiritual Conquest       

Mar 17                                     ● The Conquest of the imaginaire                                                        

Mar 24                                    No Class (Spring recess)

Mar 31                                     ● The Military Conquest                                                        

Apr 7                                       ● Visions of the Vanquished

Apr 14                                     ● The Conquest in Retrospective

Apr 21                                     ● Presentations 1 & 2

Apr 28                                     ● Presentations 3 & 4

May 5                                      ● Presentations 5 & 6

May 12                                    ● Presentations 7 & 8

May 19                                    ● Presentations 9 & 10



Bibliographic resources

Electronic resources
Audiovisual materials