Feb. 15 - 19.

A.W.O.L. 60 days confinement,
pack drill but a dam
good time. Guess we go
home tootasuite & I'll
sure be glad to leave this
desolate burg.

Feb. 22 - 19.

Today Wagoner & MacKenzie
were sent to a labor unit.
Strange I didn't get it too
because I was even worse
than they in breaking

Feb. 23 - 19.

Left Savigne Leveque at
2 P.M. today & hiked to
Champagne where I am
now waiting to board
train for Brest. Teh 1st
lap of the journey home.

Feb. 24/19.

Brest, France. Nine months
ago today we landed here
but today not all of us
returned. We are the first
fighting division in the
A.E.F. to leabe France.

Feb 28 - 19.

Today I boarded the steam-
ship Muritania for America.
There are 10000 aboard
her, including crew,
civilians & troops.
Some boat.

March 3rd 19.

Today I am about in
the middle of the ocean.
Rather rough weather
& the boat is being
rocked & pitched con-
siderable. Many of the
boys are awfully
sick, but so far
have kept quite