accomodate us. It was a
grand feast & we enjoyed it
immensely. We sure spent
a lot of money lately but a
fellow must do something
in this desolate burg or
die of stagnation.

Jean Prado électricien (electrician)
14 rue Saint-Pavin de
la Cité - Le Mans.

[Trouble reading the rest...]

Feb. 6 - 19.

Still in Savigne Leveque.
The foregoing names were
written in this book by
two Frenchman whom I
met in Le Mans last Sunday
when I went to that city
for the purpose of being
Again I feel the pangs
of deep sorrow because
of death. A letter today
from Mildred Guepp
intimated that my brother
Walter is very sad & I
infer that his young
wife has succumbed
to her recent illness.
Death swoops down
upon us swiftly, &
there sure is no avoiding