Left Corbie France Nov. 25 &
entrained for Savigne Leveque.
No dinner Thanksgiving day
Xmas I went A.W.O.L. for 4
days & had a wild time in
Le Man's France. Sent a
waiter crashing thru a big
plate glass window, licked
two M.P.'s, was finally
arrested but broke out of
jail tootasweet. Also told
Lieut. S. what I thought of

Jan. 26 - 18.

Mother always said I'd get
ahead in the world & this
morning her prediction
came true. I woke up
with an awful head.
We had quite a banquet
last night. Killed two
rabbits, stole a sack of
boiled potatoes & then had
a French woman prepare
them for us. So far
this month I have won

over $100.00 gambling.

Jan. 23 - 19.

I learned today that my old
pal Jimmie Scorce was killed
over here. God! It would take
every page in this book to
record all the names of my
friends who cashed in their
checks in France & Belgium.

Jan. 26 - 18.

Another big feast today. We
stole & killed two thin chickens
bought steak, cheese &
onions. I offered a woman
$6.00 to cook up the
works but she refused.
Its against the law to kill
or cook chickens in this country
so we had considerable
trouble in coraling a
woman who would