When it rains we are nearly
swamped. I find a lot more
faces missing in our ranks &
these boys were killed the
day after I left the line for
the hospital. On my way
back I had to cross 3
bridges that were mined.
Blood poison has developed
in my left arm owing to
the barbed wire gash I got
at the front.

Nov. 6 - 18.

Arm was cut yesterday by
the doctor. No anesthetic was
given me again, but the
doctor offered me a cigarette
& the smoke, braced me up

Nov. 8 - 18.

Today Stoner blew off part
of his left hand while
fishing with bombs.

Nov. 11 - 18.

The war ended at 11. a.m. today
& now I fell confident that
I'll return home again We
certainly have led a mighty
hard life & Im thankful thats
its all over with.
The following is a list
of the battles & engagements
I fought.
Dickebysch Sector, Belgium
Aug. 21st to Aug. 30 - 18.
Vierstratt Ridge, Belgium,
Aug. 31st to Sept. 2nd 18.
East Poperinghe Line, Belgium,
July 9th to Aug. 20 - 18.
Hindenburg Line, France,
Sept. 29th & 30th.
LaSalle River (St. Souplet) Oct 17,
Jenede Mere Ridge (Arbie
Guermon) Oct. 18 - 18,
St. Maurice River (Cattilon)
Oct. 19 & 20 - 18.