is necessary. The eye is swollen
& discharges matter. Men of all
nationalities are here, even
wounded Germans.

Oct. 17 - 18.

An eye specialist has taken
charge of me & this a.m. my
eye was operated on. Three
incisions were made & the
ordeal was very painful, no
anesthetic was administered.
My nurse who stood by, kept
muttering poor boy - poor boy -
& the specialist said - "Sorry to
hunt you old chap, but its really
necessary. God! But its nice to
be away from the hell of war!
Here everything blooms with
life, but at the front, not even
a tree or the sheaves of of grass
are green with the throb
of existence. Everything is withered
& lifeless in that hole of
hell & misery.

Oct. 19 - 18.

Last night I sneaked out of
the hospital & had a great
time. I befriended two
English nurses who were
being annoyed by a nutty
old Frenchman. My eye is
still doubtful & discharges a
lot of puss.

Oct. 20 - 18.

A very wild & wooly day.
Sneaked out again & spent about
300 Francs. Met an American
girl & it sure was good to
talk to her.

Oct. 21 - 18.

Eye is improving & when the
doctor removed the bandage & looked
at it today, he said I would
recover my sight.

Nov. 1 - 18.

Back again with my company
in Foilloy France. Am sleeping
on a cement floor in a
shell torn house,