Water in this country is
mighty scarce. I go for days
at a time without a wash &
weeks without a bath. The
Germans poison most of the
wells in their retreat & also
blow up all bridges, rail-
roads etc. Every village we
march thru is usually in
ruins. Dead men, especially
Germans, lay everywhere, but
we do not bury them as
they are often mined. I forgot
to say that in the battle at
Hindenburg line one of our
boys saw his brother lay
ing dead in a shell hole &
he went stark mad at the
moment. A detachment of
German prisoners was
marching to the rear &
when he saw them he
opened fire with a machine
gun - killing them all.
The Boche sniper who was in
Bullecourt received a wound
& was captured by our boys.
While being taken to the
rear on a stretcher, an
Aussie inquired who the
German was, & when told, he
killed him. The Scheldt.
canal ran under Bullecourt
& the Germans had barges
in the tunnel all loaded
with property taken out of
French houses. My division
is classed as shock or
sacrifice troops. When a
strong point is to be taken
at a dear price in lives, we
do the job. Hell ain't it?
The French people who we
liberated from German captivity
hail us with cheers & tears.
Viva La America, the cry.

Oct. 12 - 18.

Hiding in the woods today &
from where I stand I can
see German balloons just