At 7.30 p.m. we were ordered
to advance toward the front.
Being very weak I couldn't
carry a pack, & as we hiked
all night, I was in bad
shape & actually tottered along.

Oct. 9 - 18.

Fell better today. Slept a
little in an open field.

Oct. 10 - 18.

Braincourt, France.
Under fire again. I lay in
my pup tent which I pitched
close to a small bank when
suddenly a bunch of shells
descended on us & tore things
up badly. I was re-reading
one of dads old letters at
the time & I guess this
saved my life because a
piece of shrapnel passed
thru my tent & just
nicked my elbow. Marching
to this place we passed
thru many villages just
evacuated by the Germans.

Their signs hung up every-
where & all French streets
were named after famous
German leaders. A dead
woman lays in a bed about
100 yds. from me. She was
shot thru the stomach & I
suppose the Germans did it.

Oct. 11 - 18.

The call to arms blew at
6.30 this a.m. We had hard-
tack & black coffee for
breakfast & then pushed
forward. A mine exploded
a few hundred yds. ahead
of us & as we were under
observation I suppose the
enemy thought we were on
the spot at the time. But
fortunately we had halted
in the village looking
for suitable billets. I
hope the day of long marches,
blistered & death at
every corner will soon be
nothing but a memory.