were fortunately unhurt. Pieces
from the shell crashed all
around us. Another shell
landed in a nearby dug-out
& killed Jack Broschay & Gier,
wounding a few other boys.

Oct. 3 - 18.

The Hindenburg line is a
marvel. Trenches are about
14 feet deep with cement
walls & all dugouts are
at least 60 ft. deep. Some
are equipped with electric
lights, wooden floors, rugs,
pianos etc. all this stuff
was taken out of French
houses by the Germans. The
dead number into the
thousands on this battlefield.

Oct. 4 - 18.

Tincourt, France.

It is a relief to be away
from the hell of war again.
I bathed today in a creek
& the water was like ice.

but I sure needed a bath
mighty bad.

Oct, 5 - 18.

I have a vicious cold & feel
very sick today. Sleeping on
the bare ground these
cold nights is certainly a
bad experience. We were
notified today that we go
in the reserve trenches
soon & I wonder if I can
live thru another rain
of shells. It is very evident
that I was slightly gassed
as my mouth is blistered
& I am vomiting green.

Oct. 6 - 18.

The doctor orders me to
remain quiet today as
exercise often kills a
soldier who has been

Oct. 8 - 18.

Still sick but in no danger.