observation balloons were
shot down today but the
5 men in them leapt to
safety, using their parachutes.

Oct. 2 - 18.

The Division has been
withdrawn from the line
but I was left behind
with a burial party. I
aws many horrible sights,
arms - legs - heads -
& chunks of flesh laying
all over the battlefield.
We buried only bodies
that were in bad shape,
for instance - a headless
man. Those that werent
badly shot up, we
placed in piles, & later they
were taken to a cemetery
in the rear. We were
under fire all day as
usual, but none of us
were wounded. Today
I nearly pulled a

German bayonet that
was wired to a mine,
O - La, La. Goodbye A.W. if
I had pulled it. Eats are
dam scarce around here
& today I was so hungry
that I searched among
the dead until I found
a can of sardines which
tasted mighty good. I also
drank a dead man's water
as there was none other
around. Going into the line
we took no blankets with
us but I salvaged a German
overcoat which afforded a
little warmth when I lay
in my muddy wet dug-out
at night. I stood at the
entrance of my dugout about
7.15 tonight when suddenly
a shell screamed by my
head & broke in the bank
of the road about 8 ft. away.
I thought that Oberg was
killed but both of us