All of last night I was on
a ration party. I was
weighted down with bread
& had one hell of a time
pushing forward thru
barbed wire, over shell
holes, dead men, while
shells were bursting all
around & a terriffic rain
was falling. We were to
take the rations to the
men in the advanced positions
but when we reached Capt.
Farmer, who was to give
us directions, he was
scared stiff & owing to
the dark, he didn't know
which way to go. Finally
he decided that we had
better wait until dawn
before moving & when
he saw that we were
armed only with pistols,
he said, "My God men!
Get rifles & bayonets,
what will you do if
the Germans counter-
attack? So I took a
dead mans gun & all
night we stood in a
muddy trench, with
water almost up to
our knees, expecting
hell to break loose at
any moment. John Keller,
who stood next to me
was shot in the
face, while Homer Hood,
got a machine gun
bullet thru his helmet.
The Germans kept up a
steady fire & were
always sending up
signal lights. At day
break we were relieved
in order to go on a
salvage party. This was
another ticklish job as
we were out in the
open all day under
shell fire. Two or our