in an open field.

Sept. 19 - 18.

It rained last night so sleep-
ing on the ground wasn't
much of a pleasure. My
clothes were damp & I
felt very stiff when I
got up this morning.
We started out on man-
euvers about 6.30 a.m. & as
luck would have it my
gun crew got lost in a
very hilly & thickly
wooded country. None of
us happened to be
carrying iron rations
so we had nothing to
eat save for some wild
fruit which we chanced
on occasionally. Gee! But
my feet are blistered.

Sept. 20 - 18.

Today I drew my first pay
in France & immediately

won 155 Francs gambling.

Sept. 21 - 18.

Am in Doolaugh's tanking
up on champagne today.
On Monday the 23rd we
are leaving for the front
so I'm taking advantage of
this opportunity to have
a good time, because it
may be the last chance I'll
ever get.

Sept. 22nd 18.

O! What a head. I wish I
had a bag of ice. Last
night, after the doings, I
stopped in Atheule & slept
with Pat Schafer & John
Blitzski. This afternoon
I increased my winnings
to over 700 Francs & when
I paid a French woman
liberally for a dinner in
her home, she thought
I was a regular Creosus.