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Sept. 11 - 18.

At 3 P.M. today I was back
in Calais setting in a
French movie. I couldn't
understand the play very
well but enjoyed the
music immensely. It
seemed like old times
again to set in a theatre
after my long association
with life up at the
line. Today several Red
Cross trains pulled in
Calais loaded with
wounded soldiers of all
nationalities. German
prisoners of war conveyed
the wounded from the
trains to big ships
at the docks, bound
for hospitals in England.

Sept. 12 - 18.

We left Calais last night
just before a big air
raid in which much
damage was done &

many people were killed.
Our breakfast this A.M.
consisted of only beans
which we warmed over a
candle. We are in the
outskirts of Abbeyville
today & I heard a Belgian
lecture in a Y.M.C.A. hut
on the deportation & cruelties
which his countryman
suffered at German hands.
It was very tragic. Later, at
night we sang songs with
men of different nationalities
but of course there were no
lights in the hut as Fritz
might happen along &
bomb us. At noon today
we built a fire along-
side the tracks & heated
canned army stew, also
made tea. After lunch
we strolled to Commune
Des Romechamps, looking
for potatoes but could
find none.