are flying overhead & you
expect eternity at any mo-

Sept. 4 - 18.

Lorries were to have arrived
yesterday to convey this property
to a railhead. I feel that
we have been forgotten & if
this is so, we sure are in
a fine pickle. Our grub on
hand is barely enough to
last us another day, but
potatoes are available in a
nearby field & we can milk
the peasants cows, also kill
their chickens, should the
worst happen.

Sept. 5 - 18.

We are still stranded but
today I scoured the country
on a bicycle which I salvaged
& located a ration dump
which I raided pronto. I
got about 15 cans of jam,
20 loaves of bread, 20 cans
of beans, 2 big slabs of

bacon, several cans of milk,
a large hunk of cheese, a
bag of sugar & some tea.
This settles the eat problem
so now we dont care how
long we remain here. I
sold some of the sugar &
bacon, also my russet shoes,
so have beaucoup Francs.

Sept. 6 - 18.

We four are having a
fine time here. I am the
chief cook & believe me
creamed & mashed potatoes
are my specialty. If I get
a chance I intend to shoot
some of these chickens
around here but the trouble
is the peasants are always
on the job. We have made
cots & get plenty of sleep.
It seems good to be away
from the call of a bugle &
strict military discipline.
Gee! Last night I had a
regular thrill. Was reading
in my tent by the light